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How to make your blog a successful one?

Updated on April 21, 2012
Successful blog
Successful blog

What do you mean by successful blog?

First of all, the most important question, you need to ask yourself is that, what do you mean by a successful blog. For different persons it means different things. For example for me my blog must bring much visitors and should bring some revenue through advertisements. I think most of my readers also will have almost the same intention. Everybody is writing in internet with an intention of getting more readers. So I am defining a blog with a large amount of traffic as a successful one

Successful blog => blog with lot of traffic

Now the question how to make your blog a successful one? turns to how to bring huge traffic(number of visitors ) to your site?. Nobody is going to read an article more than one times if there is nothing worthy inside it. Today the penetration of internet is increasing day by day and more resources are available for readers than ever before. So your content needs to be very good to get more visitors, at least compared to those who are writing in the same topic. Thus the question of how to get more traffic comes to how to write more good content

Blog with lot of traffic => blog with lot of good and unique content

So in order to attract more traffic or visitors to your site, you need to write good and unique content. Remember the word 'unique'. You can get good content if you are copying from good resources like other sites and books. But this is not unique (it is already there in internet more importantly in the database of search engines like Google) and will impact your blog negatively only. So let us see in detail how to write more good content.

Steps to good and unique content

Select topic

So you need good and unique content, that is very interesting to at least a small group of people. Surely you can write good content on any topic, but it will always be interesting to you if you are writing in the topic that you like more. Also you will have more knowledge in topics that you like compared to topics that you hate. ie. write on your favorite topics. Surely you can get good knowledge in your favorite topic through reading only. Surely it will be from internet only. While selecting topic, consider keywords with high click through rate with more importance, as it can give you more revenue from the same number of clicks.

Set a target (10000 visitors a day after one year)

At starting you may be unaware of a particular goal. But there is one thing that you can do. Search on Google your favorite topic. You will see a lot of results. Open the top most or first result. Aim this as your target. Make your blog come in the first position in search in one year. It is very difficult if your topic is a common one. But there are examples of people who have achieved this target through their blogs. If your topic is not one having very high competition, within one year, you can reach a traffic level of 10000 visitors a day. It is if you do not do any additional blog promotional activities. If you do some of such activities also, you can cross the target in one year. Surely this traffic can earn you a considerable amount of money through advertisements.

Quantity of content

You may have doubt in how much content you need to have. If it is a blog, you can start from one page only. It is good, if you can spare one or two hours daily and write one page article in various sub topics related to your favorite topic. Never write anything for the sake of just writing, if you are not in a mood to write anything one day, rest and continue from next day. As I have specified before, you cannot see result in one week or month. Try with patience.

When to advertise?

The common choice of advertising agency is Google adsense. It is because of many reasons like popularity, reliability, easiness of setting up etc. But according to Adsense policies, you have to wait at least to half an year or 6 month from the creation of your blog to apply for ads. Also Google is not going to approve your blog, if you do not have at least 30 visitors to your blog daily. This target is nothing, if your write one good article each week for 6 months.You can use, Google Analytics to track how many unique visitors you have. If you are writing good and unique content as specified above, you will be having heavy traffic by the end of 6 months.

After 6 months making sure that you have at least 30 unique views (excluding your views). And then apply for Google Adsense. If you are writing on your own good content without copying from anywhere, you will get Google Adsense account approved with your blog. If it is a blog like or, you do not need to worry about the positioning of ads and number of ad unit restriction etc. You can fully concentrate on writing good content.

How to bring more traffic to your blog?

Once you have good and unique content in your blog and if it is useful, traffic will come naturally to your blogs. But you can do some site promotional activities to make your blog popular. This part is also important, as your revenue from blog depends on how much traffic you have.

From Search engines (Mainly Google)

Majority of people in the world, uses search engines to find the result that they want. Nobody is going to type your blog address in address bar, unless it is that much famous, which you cannot expect in your first year of blogging. So you have to try to get maximum traffic from search engines.

Getting good page rank from Google

Google will show results based on your page rank. For getting page rank you have to get indexed by Google first. For getting good rank in Google searches, you have to do some more things in addition to writing good content.

a) Get more pages from your blog indexed by Google.

You can find how many of your pages are indexed by Google by typing in Google search bar. It will give you the list of pages in your site that is indexed by Google (it is same as the pages in your blog that is known to Google. Other pages of your blog are not in the sight of Google). Usually in blogs if you write moderately good content it will be indexed by Google.You may ask what is the importance of getting more pages indexed by Google. Actually all on a sudden from one day, I started getting double traffic from Google every day compared to my usual traffic. Later I found that this was because, more than 100 of my pages were indexed by Google at that day. Now I am waiting for my next doubling in traffic :)

b) Get more sites linking to your blog

Get more links to your site (backlinks). Nobody will give a link to your blog unless it is very useful. There is another way, that is reciprocal links. It is simple, exchange of links. Give a link to their page, they will give a link to your page also. But going behind it is also a hectic job. So if possible, try to write articles in other blogs linking to your man blog. The more links you have the more better it is. Try to get links containing words related to your blog content. Suppose if my blog is about "How to get more traffic to your site", getting a link with a link the same text is good. ie "how to get more traffic to your site" will do better than getting a link fro the word Google.

From Social networking sites (Facebook, twitter etc)

2011 was the year of social media. We saw the world becoming social through social networking sites. The revolutions in Libiya, Iran and even American wall street strike got support from people through social networking sites. Facebook site traffic has reached almost near that of Google. As Facebook has implemented search also inside their site, there is a chance that it may overtake Google

Our point is that social networking sites can be used to bring a lot of traffic to your site. There are many stories about making good amount of traffic from Google. But some people do not like to use their Facebook account for blog promotion. Me also don't like. They can at least create one page in Facebook about your site.

From Social bookmarking sites (delicious, stumble upon, digg, reddit etc)

These are also good sources of traffic. In most of such sites you are writing articles about your posts or about a link that you like. Surely you can write about your blog post. This will benefit you in two ways. You will get traffic from your posts. Also it will be counted as a page linking to your blog. So start social bookmarking.

Qualities that you must have to become a successful blogger:

I will say that to become a successful blogger you need to have some virtues. First of all you cannot see the result in one day, one week or in one month, you have to patiently write more and more good and unique content to get visitors. You should be patient or you should have perseverance. You should be ready to research on the topic that you like to write. Obviously you have to be hardworking. You should need some good amount of self motivation, to reach your goals in case of blogging

Learn how to create a blog using

Learn the importance of Backlinks

Wish you all the best, let it be a day when you took a decision that changed your life :)


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      6 years ago

      great hub :)


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