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One Key to Making More Money at Your Shows and on Tour

Updated on April 5, 2013

On the topic of making money on tour you usually hear that you HAVE TO sell merchandise. I won't argue with this "advice" but I will offer up something else in addition. How easily can you remember the last time you were somewhere and wanted to purchase something. Then you reach for your wallet and realize you don't have any cash on you. Now imagine a fan or friend in the same situation but this time at your show. Start accepting credit!

1. Have It Handy To Capture The Experience

The point is you should really have a means to collect credit at all of your shows, just really anywhere you sell merchandise. Not having one means you miss out on all of those opportunities to let your fan easily go home with a piece of the event they just experienced.

2. It Makes Things Simpler

Just imagine how much easier it would be to have a credit acceptor right at your setup instead of telling your potential customer that there is an ATM across the street at the local Walgreens. Wouldn't you even be happier and less likely to change your mind about buying something, anything if you could purchase it right in the moment without any detours?

3. It Shows That You Thought About Your Fans Ahead of Time

Don't you love it when you go somewhere and the person you've gone to see has things prepared just for you? It's like going to your grandmas house and she has all

your favorite foods waiting ready for you when you step through the door. Ok, not exactly like grandmas cooking but you get it. People feel better about themselves and more connected with you when you show them that you care and have thought about them. Do the same for your fans. they took the time out to go to your show so put in the effort to taking a part of that experience home with them easy.

Ok so now that the reasons of why you should do it are out of the way, here is the how!

3 Popular ways to accept credit are Amazon, PayPal and Square

Accepts Payments Online
Accepts Payments Online
Phone Card Reader Available
Phone Card Reader Available
Send Out Invoices
Sends Receipts via Email
Sends Receipts via Email
Prints Receipts
Prints Receipts
Sends Text Receipts
Accepts Checks (US only)

Oh course there are tons of different ways to accept credit, these are just some of the most popular methods and companies. Make sure you look through all of the details of whichever ways you consider.

There is usually a transaction fee that varies from company to company. Right now Paypal seems to be the cheapest. Also, check to see the time frame for exactly how long it takes for you to have the funds from your sales in hand and what the full process looks like. Make sure you know ahead of time if funds get credited to your bank account or if you get a check sent to you after 30 days or whatever the payment distribution looks like for that company.

Just as important, make sure to check what type of security any card reader you may be considering offers. Mobile card readers are super convenient but you do want to make sure there is at least some type of encryption in the card reader. This will definitely help you to sell more and make more money while at every show all while leaving your supporters with a part of the experience they can take with them.

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