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Web Content Writing for Money

Updated on April 18, 2011

More Money

Who could use more money; I certainly could. If you are anything like me and millions are; money is always in short supply, I work hard every day but I never seem to have any money left after the bills have been paid. Surely there must be a way to solve this lack of cash without having to put what little money I have at risk.

When I started writing this article which shows you how to make money in your spare time from home; I wanted it to give you a couple of simple ideas that work; money making ideas that anyone can do and don't need any money up front, this is actually harder than it may seem because any money making idea usually involves an investment of some sort. We have all read the adverts promising unlimited wealth overnight; keep your money they do not work and will releive you of what little money you have, these money making schemes will cause you to be disheartened about ever making extra money in you spare time; stay away at all cost's.


Have you heard the saying "learn by others mistakes"? If you have then you will understand that putting it into practice is very good advice.

In this article I will give you an overview of 2 simple ways of increasing your income, I and countless others have increased ours using these ideas, they are not secret formulas or mad cap schemes but tried and tested ways of making money from home. From your part you will have to put in effort and do not expect to make money overnight as it takes time to build up a successful business; anyone who tells you otherwise is being less than truthful.

Make Money Online
Make Money Online

Make Money on Hubpages

If you have already joined Hubpages then you will know what I am talking about, if you are not a member I suggest you Join Here Now; go on it's free.

What is Hubpages I hear you ask, in it's simplest form it is place were you can publish your original writing and earn income from it.

There is so much more to Hubpages than first meets the eye, for me yes I publish articles and earn a passive income but I also enjoy reading the varied information on here. I love participating in the forums where I get to learn so much and most importantly it means I have a home based business with no initial outlay.

You maybe thinking you are not a writer; I challenge you to look at the type of articles you are able to publish on Hubpages; here is a sample list:

  • Stories
  • Information Articles
  • Product Reviews
  • Poems
  • Statistical List's

or pretty much anything you have some knowledge about or are able to research.

How To Earn Money on Hubpages

To make money on Hubpages firstly you will need to write about subjects that people will want to read. You can share your existing knowledge or you can research virtually any subject by using Google, this should give you all the factual information you need; it's up to you then to present this information in an interesting way.

Hubpages is highly regarded by the search engines so your writing shouldn't take long to get listed; what this means is people will find your writing. There are a number of ways that Hubpages has allowed you to earn income from your writing; they are as follows:

  • Google- Targeted ads are displayed on your article pages, each time somebody clicks on one of these ads you earn a percentage of the fee paid by the advertiser. you will need to have a Google Adsense account which you can get here; again it's free to join.
  • Amazon- Take a look at Hubpages and you will see products advertised, you can display relevant products on your articles and earn a commission each time someone makes a purchase, to get an Amazon Affiliate account click here; yes this is free also.
  • Kontera- I do not use Kontera Ads myself but these can be added in the affiliate programs section of your Hubpages account dashboard.
  • Ebay- If you have an Ebay affiliate account you can display relevant Ebay products in your articles and earn a commission. If you haven't already signed up for an Ebay affiliate account you may find it difficult to open one as they generally prefer you to own a website or successful blog.

Don't worry if this all seems confusing at the moment, there is plenty of information here on Hubpages that will take you through the process of setting them up. Hubpages has a fantastic help section which teaches you everything you need to know to start writing and earning on Hubpages, if you can't find the answers in the help section then the forums will definitely provide the answers.

If you haven't joined Hubpages yet then do so here.


Video: How to Join Hubpages

Make Money with Amazon

Would you like to have your own shop selling thousands of big brand products?

Would you like to have this shop open today without having to pay rent, insurances and without buying any stock?

Amazon; amazon; amazon, I really cant say it enough. Amazon it one of the worlds best known brand names and one of the most successful business too. Guess what; they are successful because of people like you and me.

Amazon pays a commission on every product sold via your Hubpage article, website or blog. Imagine being able to sell any product you like without having to actually buy it first.

On Hubpages you can write about a specific product and then show relevant Amazon products, if somebody clicks on your ad then purchases the product you earn a 60% of the commission and Hubpages earns 40%, the advantage of this is that Hubpages has already done a lot of the work by getting you ranked in the search engines.

You may already own a website or blog, if so you can use Google Adsense or Amazon to earn money from them.If you would like to start a website or blog then explore Hubpages as there are many articles on how to set up a free website or blog.

Two favourite free blog sites are Blogger and Wordpress.

In short whether you are a Hubpages writer, a blogger or website owner Amazon is the perfect partner for setting up a product based business from home.



Making Money from Home

Anyone who tells you making money from home is easy is probably telling you lies, if it was easy everyone would be doing it. I can tell you however that it's not easy but can be done.

Hubpages and Amazon are perfect partners for earning money on the Internet and are very successful at it, you can be part of that success with no financial outlay and reasonable amount of effort.

I wish you every success at earning extra money and make as much use as possible of this fantastic resource which is Hubpages.

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