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More Time, or More Money?

Updated on April 15, 2013

Is Money Worth More Than Time?

Have you ever thought why you work 9-5, Monday to Friday, every week of the year apart from national holidays and the few weeks off your employer gives you? Well ask yourself this:

Do you value time over money?

If the answer is yes, then why do it? By making some changes in your life, you can have more of the time that you do want by having less of what you can do without.

First you need to ask yourself some honest questions:

  • Do you like to keep up with the Jones, always buying the latest 'must haves' or being seen at the 'in' places? Or are you the sort or person who likes to do things on your terms, regardless of what others do?
  • When you go on holidays do you say hell to worrying about the cost and live like royalty, or do you get pleasure out of just being able to relax and enjoy being away from work?
  • Do you like to keep up with fashion, particularly the more expensive the better with the latest designer labels, or are you happy looking good and feeling comfortable in clothes you like but don’t cost the earth?
  • What about gadgets? Do you have to get the latest version or models, or you happy to wait till they come down in price, and then buying only if you particularly want them?
  • Is your car an extension or symbol of your status or a mode of transport?

Time | Source
Money | Source

Living on the hamster wheel.

Many people follow the well trodden path conditioned by social norms and influenced by strong and relentless advertising and media hype:

‘Buy a bigger car and house!’

‘Buy more expensive furnishings for the house!’

This conditioning keeps us trapped in the cycle of work and consume. Think about this before you commence any further in your life. Whatever point your are at you can always make changes. If you value time over money and possessions, put the brakes on. See what changes you can make to relieve yourself from having to continue earning the levels required to maintain the lifestyle as you have it, on its upward spiral.

Breaking free!

Break free from social conditioning and start really choosing what it is you want in life. Many of us would choose time, if I only we realized that. A chance to spend quality time with our family and friends. Time to do things at a leisurely pace rather than squeezing them in between working hours. Time to enjoy life.

Which do you value more?

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