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The Work at Home Guide to Success-How to Make REAL Money Working for Yourself

Updated on September 20, 2014

My Evolution from Educator to Entrepreneur

Hi. I'm a work-at-home entrepreneur making real money for myself. I hope this article will help some of you find the financial freedom I have found through working at home with my own business.

First, here's a link to my first ebook full of helpful PRACTICAL advice for you:

The Work-at-Home Entrepreneur's guide to Success (on Amazon Kindle) (2.99)

I am not going to go over everything in the eBook, but I'll just offer a little advice here and see if you'd like to learn more by buying my book. In the book, I share tips which have really helped me to keep my feet on the ground at times when I wasn't sure what the next day would bring, and I hope it will help you too. It's better than onlineclasses for some who are looking to improve their lives with new skills.

To the right is a picture of my secretary, a 20-year-old Australian cockateil named "Spartacus." He thinks HE got me to where I am. And he did help! I live alone so he helps keep me company and takes messages for me while I'm away.

But back to my story...I was an educator for over 15 years. Why? Mostly because it's because what my family did. My Dad is a retired educator and school administrator, my mother is a retired community college teacher, my Grandfather, was a teacher all of his adult I thought it was the thing to do.

I'm not saying I didn't enjoy teaching. They were some of the best years of my life. What I learned from those kids over that over a decade time of my life, can be matched with no other form of education I ever received. wasn't enough.

I wanted to work for myself. I wanted to spread my wings and do my own thing. I wanted to find a market for my own talents and be compensated for it.

First, I started out working for other companies to make money--anything to pay the bills. And I didn't start working for myself full time right away. Don't do it until you can afford it!

But eventually you have to branch out on your own and decide to either do it or not!

So as of June 1, 2014, I am a full-time entrepreneur and work at home as a media content producer and writer and every day is a new adventure.

Luckily, I am an overly creative writing guru, who also knows technology. Admittedly, that helped! I'm one of these ultra-creative obsessive types who won't take no for an answer, won't stop til I figure it out, and won't ever give up until I accomplish my goals.

Are you like that? Then read on. Because my ebook just might be what you need.

My eBook was the beginning of a journey too. I am already almost finished with the second one and plan many more in the future.

But before we go any further, I'll tell you briefly what I do and about the book, so you'll know how it can help you achieve what I have---the ability to work for yourself at home and make REAL money!

I'm doing it everyday. I now gross over $3000 per month writing for companies and individuals online. I am a content producer, so that includes video, audio, apps for mobile, and eBooks, audiobooks, Powerpoint presentations, whatever a business needs to help their branding or their online presence.

It doesn't hurt that I'm an internet market guru either. I understand and use video marketing to help businesses increase their traffic and know a lot about SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to help increase their conversion rate.

Basically what I'm saying is that I make the kind of money I do because I am talented. But also because I found my market and have learned to be versatile.

(I don't think I even make that point in the ebook--but I should have!)

But read on and I'll summarize a few things you'll like about my ebook to see if you want to download it. It's only 2.99 on Kindle so it's worth it, believe me! If you want to be a full-time entrepreneur, writer, or own your own business at home, it's the book for you.

My Interview with Gary Foreman, Editor of The Dollar Stretcher About Work-at-Home Opportunities

Work-at-home Opportunities

I have become somewhat of an expert online regarding work-at-home opportunities which can make you real money. Here is an interview I did with one of my publishers about a year ago with Gary Foreman, who is a well-known financial authority and was once featured on "The Today Show."

We did a series of 7 interviews on various work-at-home jobs which people can do. I did a number of these jobs as I was on my journey to building my own business.

Any opportunities which I feature, write, or talk about are 100% legit, safe, and they pay on time. You don't even have to take onlineclasses to learn how to do these jobs.

My Road to Success

Here is my business card to my future global company...I say "future" because it is a "work in progress." Like anything else, a global business doesn't happen overnight. But you can check out what we have done so far here:

Small Town Global™...."Reaching the world from one small town.."

You'll see on the site that's it's mostly a description of who I am and what we'll be offering at STG, and you'll see that I've made a number of "famous" connections during my journey.

I am very active on social media and this helps get the word about what I'm doing out there.

I even chat regularly with the "Sharks" on the wildly popular ABC's "Shark Tank." Daymond John and others have favorited my tweets and even sent me direct messages.

It's fun and it has gotten me noticed by some pretty powerful people.

In addition, I have written for famous companies. Here's a list of some of my clients:

  • The Hollywood Production Center in Hollywood California (with clients like 20th Century Fox, etc.)
  • Apple, Inc.
  • Terry Bradshaw, public figure
  • Steve Martin
  • Forbes Magazine
  • Several start up product entrepreneurs for their websites and blogs
  • And some very high profile companies and individuals

I am a professional online writer and am in demand on a number of sites, so this has offered me an opportunity to connect with some pretty big clients.

Your talent may NOT be writing...if it's not, that's okay! Just think about what you do well and then think globally.

I talk about in my ebook how I had a small local business in the downtown area of my little town of 6500 people. Then one day I woke up, and realized that my market was not was GLOBAL. You'll read all about this in the eBook. I realized that I needed to expand, not stay local. And that's when I started making money online!

I make a steady income right now of $3000 per month just writing, but I am up for an additional project as an editor to a new upcoming financial magazine, so if I get that, I'll be topping $100,000 per year...NO JOKE!

Mark Cuban on Success as an Entrepreneur

The Challenge of Time Management

Mark Cuban from "Shark Tank," who I have talked to online more than once often says:

"Time is my most valuable commodity."

In this interview, he describes that moment every entrepreneur has when you say:

"I just can't work for anyone else."

And I totally understand what he means about time management too. Writing for all these publishers, companies, websites, and blogs if lucrative, fun, creative work. But my day often starts around 9am and goes until 2am.

So recently, I decided, I need to start focusing more on my own business. So now I spend about 25 hours per week writing for clients and the other 25 or so on the business itself. I am a content producer, so writing is a PART of my business. But I needed to find the time to spend time on the other part-the technology, video, audio production side.

I'm also an app developer for Apple, Google, and Amazon. So I needed to budget some time into that.

Now I have a tentative schedule that I work daily which allows me to spend time on both my writing clients (which is a current lucrative source of income) and still spend some of the day on the business. I do this usually Monday thru Thursday. Then Friday, Sat., and Sunday I consider the "flex days," where I can schedule in local clients, work on my business goals and website, work on new media projects, and so forth.

This enables me to give as much time as I need to focusing on my future..which is the success of my own online business.

I don't have it all figured out yet, believing me. Working at home on a global business is no "piece of cake." But at least now I feel I am slowly but steadily working toward my ultimate goal of creating a company that will continue to make me money, even when I am not writing.

Buy my book to learn more!

This article is not intended to be one long ad for my book. But I do think, that if you are serious about making money online or at home with your own business, and don't want to take onlineclasses or spend hundreds of dollars improving your skills....whether you are a creative writer, media producer, artist like me or not..whatever you do, this book will help you to get a practical grip on what it takes to get your business going, work from home, and succeed.

It's just $2.99 and you can buy it on Amazon below.

I hope it helps you as much as it helped me to write it!

Happy sailing!

Copyright Notice

© 2014 Deborah L. Killion

Deb Killion is a well-known blogger/copywriter, technology business owner, and media content producer. All of her work including blog entries and posts are protected by copyright law. None of her work may be copied or reproduced in whole or in part without express written permission.


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