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Top Ways to Sell Your Crafts and Make Money

Updated on February 23, 2012

Selling your crafts can be hard to do sometimes if you don't know where to start. My aunt and I make crafts together all the time she gave me her tips on selling. My aunt no longer sells her because it is a lot of work, but if you are up for the challenge you can make quite a bit. Making money from your crafts depends on multiple things like are you pricing your items properly to were you can make profit? How many people can see what you are selling, do you advertise? And lastly do your crafts have a wide range of views. For example if you are just selling things that children will be into you might not make as much money. If you sell to men, women, children, and pets you will have a higher chance of making more. In this economy I know it seems impossible to sell anything, well actually it's not. There are so many people who still constantly use their money to buy crafts because it's what they love buying. You would be surprised that when people have tough times what they will still buy, it's almost unreal. Below I have listed the tips, pricing criteria, and some things on making crafts that you can start selling yourself hope you enjoy!


Where to sell?

If you are looking into selling your crafts but don't know how or where to start then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the places I suggest you try selling from:

Craft shows: Craft shows are one of the ways many people make their money. The booths can sometimes be expensive so you might want to start out with one of the other ides below first. My aunt always sold her quilts and soaps at her craft shows sometimes she would walk away with a lot or hardly any so you kind of have to take a chance with this one. So make sure that you have a good amount of things to sell that will appeal a wide range of people. If you have not heard of Etsy it is an online web store, where people go to buy and sell crafts. If you made something and want to start selling I suggest you think about opening up an etsy shop. I know many people who make a lot on Etsy just by selling their homemade crafts. I believe it only costs about .40 cents to put up a post and you get to keep it up for four months, which is quite a long time. If you don't have enough money saved up to open a craft booth then I think you should start online an open an Etsy shop. The ways to suceed is to advertise and get as many people as you can to look at your shop! Many, many, many crafters have a Youtube account where they post videos about stuff they have made, tutorials, etc. If you have a Youtube account you might not post videos but you should think about starting because, it is a wonderful way for you to grab attention to your Etsy shop. Also, on Youtube many people have a "Youtube shop" which is were the viewers email the seller and say I want to buy so many of whatever their selling, doing this gives you the chance to make a profit. Youtube is great if you are looking into selling or just advertising the things you sell and making videos about them, if your videos get popular you will become 'Partner' where Youtube pays you so much per view everymonth. It is a great program to get started in. Ebay is another great online place to sell your crafts many people do go to ebay if they haven't heard about Etsy. People do buy crafts off of ebay in fact they buy pretty much everything on Ebay! You will need a Paypal account for both Etsy and ebay, that is where your earnings will be sent too. Selling crafts on the internet is a great way to start especially if you don't have time to do craft shows.

Make your own website: If you have some money to build your own webpage then I suggest you do it! Making your own website will give you tons of views sometimes and you can sell everything on your own system and terms. Don't be scared about opening your own website it is actually really simple, just go to and type in make my own webpage and a ton of different sites will help you start one. Remember if you decide to make your own website it will be hard and challenging but I know you can do it!

Family and friends: If you have family or friends who are interested in buying your crafts then go ahead let them. If you don't want to charge them then you can always give them the crafts at Christmas or other holidays.I made about half of our Christmas gifts last year and everyone paid me to make them as the gifts because you are saving a lot of money by making them. They won't want to take advantage and just let you give them the gifts, so they are willing to pay and they should because you worked hard on it.


Tips on Pricing Your Crafts

When pricing your crafts or anything homemade people start to get lost. Many people just price it low so that way people will most likely buy it if the price is lower. Well if you are pricing your things low then stop! Pricing is very important in many ways, if you price it to low then people may be concered that it is of poor quality, or something else is wrong with it. This is were 'you get what you pay for' comes to your customers minds. Your customers are more likely to not buy something if it is underpriced for those reasons. Another thing to keep in mind while pricing your crafts is if you price to low you will be losing money. You need to try to balance it out. How long did it take you to make? Was it very difficult work? How much were the supplies? A lot of things need to come into your mind before you say 'oh that's twenty' or 'oh that's three dollars'. Make sure you put in all of the factors before making a decision because, that can depend if you are making a profit or losing money.


How to Advertise your Crafts:

Advertising your crafts is one of the reasons many people give up on selling. People believe it is just to difficult and don't know how to get more people to buy their crafts. Well here are a few sites that will help you out with advertising. Create a blog about your crafts, what you make the supplies you use, information about your site and where to buy them. Blogging is a great way to write about your crafts everyday and receive more people viewing your crafts. They might not all buy but they will bring you up in conversations so their friend might! Blogs are a great advertisment and they are free also so you don't have to pay!

Google Adsense: With google adsense you can make your own ads and advertise what you are selling, they best way to use adsense is if you have your own website. If you are interested go to google homepage and click on advertise and it will tell you all about it. Many people are successful when using google since they are one of the biggest company's around! Mentioned earlier Youtube is a great way to advertise as well. Making videos about your crafts and shops will bring attention to the things you are selling especially if they are unique. If you are not afraid to talk in front of thousands then I suggest you go for it and advertise on Youtube! Giving tutorials and other tips to the viewers will also give you a better chance in selling your crafts.

Advertising is hard to start but after a while it does get easier. One person will tell another person and so on and so on. Eventually tons of people will know about your crafts it just takes time for success. The iffell tower wasn't built in a day! Let me know if you liked my tips about selling crafts and if you have any that I may have left off then please leave them in the comments so everyone can know about them also. Thanks for reading and have a great day. ♥


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    • monicamelendez profile image

      monicamelendez 5 years ago from Salt Lake City

      My sister makes her own calendar .pdf files and sells them on Etsy. It seems like she's been doing really well with them!

    • kayyluh profile image

      kayyluh 5 years ago

      Very good point Bill!

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 5 years ago from Cape Cod

      Good hub...but put up a big caution flag on this. People will rarely pay what your item is worth. As a veteran of more than fifty years in crafts, shows, and flea markets, I have seen people pour their heart and soul into beautiful items; and then be heartbroken when people wouldn't pay a just price.

      Sometimes shoppers will just buy one of an item, so they can take it home and duplicate it.

      I don't mean to come across as negative; just want to point out that people need to spend as much time on where to sell something, as how to make it.