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Viggle Rewards: Where Did the Gift Cards Go?

Updated on November 6, 2015

Where Did All The Viggle Rewards Go?

If you have been using Viggle for a while, you know that the rewards are constantly changing, for the worse. It seems the app wants to make it harder and harder to achieve payouts by raising point values for gift cards, limiting availability of gift cards, and limiting the time frame where gift cards are even available.

But isn't just gift cards that are constantly changing. Material rewards like electronics come and go as well, which is most likely due to availability. Many people save up points for months in order to cash out on a certain reward, only to find the reward is no longer available as soon as they have enough points.

Despite these frustrations, I am still a Viggle user and supporter because, as has been said many times, I'm still getting something for nothing. And the good news is that while it might be a little harder to cash out points for rewards, if you are patient, the rewards you seek usually always come back in stock at some point, from gift cards to Apple iPads.

According to Viggle Support:

Our rewards collection will continue to evolve and change over time. You may not currently see rewards you've seen in the past, but we strive to keep popular rewards available as much as possible.

Your points can be redeemed for thousands of digital rewards including latest movie releases like Pitch Perfect 2 and Entourage the Movie at

Why Is My Gift Cards Tab Always Empty?

It is true the Viggle rewards are elusive and hard to get. However, the do exist, and people are claiming them every night. It seems the prime time for snagging a gift card happens between 8pm and midnight, EST. On average, Viggle releases one gift card at a time, up to four times an evening. Most gift cards are out of stock within 3 minutes of availability.

While this is not the rule, it is common that gift cards are released very close to the top of the hour, so it is wise to begin checking at about ten till.

Viggle Rewards: Gift Cards Offered

  • Amazon $10 | 60,000pts
  • Amazon $25 | 150,000pts*
  • Buffalo Wild Wings $10 | 60,000pts
  • Chilis $10 | 60,000pts
  • CVS $5 | 30,000pts
  • Footlocker $10 | 60,000pts
  • Gap $10 | 60,000pts
  • Groupon $15 | 90,000pts
  • JCPenny $10 | 60,000pts
  • Old Navy $10 | 60,000pts
  • Papa John's $10 | 60,000pts
  • Sephora $10 | 60,000pts
  • Starbucks $5 | 30,000pts
  • Starbucks $25 | 150,000pts*


Merchandise Rewards

**None currently available.**

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