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Ways to Save Money on Meat

Updated on July 16, 2010

When cooking your meals you don't always need to have meat. The more you spend on meat the less money you save. We all know that the cost of meat is not on the lower end of the scale. I know, I can just picture you now standing in the cold section at the grocery store as you eye the meat from afar and inching your way closer and closer to it. There you stand in front of that rich colored red raw meat that the store has packaged so well and put on display just for you. It looks so delicious that you could just eat it raw right then and there. I know you know that feeling. I've had it myself so you aren't alone. But calm down we may be homo sapiens (of the animal species) however most of us don't eat raw meat. I don't. You don't absolutely need that meat like an animal out in the wild.

Save More Money Question

So what can you do regarding meat in order to save more money? Well, why not remove it from your meal some of the time? Don't be so dependent on its existent to feed your body. You probably don't like that idea, huh? Well, look at it this way, when including meat in your meals are you really tasting the meat anyway? Or the seasoning or sauce that you put on it or that it is saturated in? People eat meat for different reasons, of which I won't go into.

Ways to Save Money with Meatless Chili

If you make chili feel free to not buy meat for it. Don't buy the meat and you are sure to save you some money. The chili will still taste good without the meat. After all it's the flavor of the chili sauce that makes it taste the way it does, right? By excluding the meat you don't sacrifice quality.

Ways to Save Money with Meatless Spaghetti

The same thing as meatless chili can apply to spaghetti. Have you ever had spaghetti with just the marinara sauce (no meat)? It is twice as great in my opinion. What I'm saying is, that spaghetti is still just as good without the meat. Try it and you'll find that you can save more money at the grocery store without sacrificing quality. So instead of spending money on sauce, noodles and meat, you'd just be spending money on the sauce and noodles, thus saving yourself about 3 bucks on meat for it.

Meals without meat are truly quite tasty and you will save more money in the end. How? Because you won't be spending money on meat (or at least less frequently). That simple.


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