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10 Tips to Reduce Monthly Bills

Updated on September 14, 2012

Effective Ways to Lower Monthly Bills

Do you know how to lower your monthly bills? And, do you know that you can lower monthly bills by negotiating with just about any company you want? Yes, you have heard it right. This a perfect time to take an action and call your company or businesses to see how much they can reduce monthly bills. Believe me, it`s totally worth every minute you spend with them, when you see your next billing statement. They are not going to call each customer about their new promotions, incentives or offers. It is totally up to us to be alert and find out the new deals and negotiate with the company.

No action, no change. Limited action, limited change. Lots of action - Change occurs.
- Catherine Pulsifer -

Here are Some Companies to Call:

You need to call at least once a year to your cell phone, high speed Internet, cable, utility, bank, mortgage, credit card, interest rates, car insurance, home owner insurance, and local phone companies to see how much they can lower your bills.

When to Call to Lower your Monthly Bills

Need to call in these 3 situations

1. When you see that they are advertising some new offers or special deals.

2. Lower rates on billboards on the highway.

3. Their fees for services are lower now than they were before when you started it.

Call right away and tell them that you are interested in that deal. But before that find out if the offer is only for online purchase or for new customers? Some time the deal is for new customers or online only. But, most of the companies and businesses do want to keep their loyal customers.

10 Tips to Remember to Reduce Monthly Bills

1. You need to check your prior three to six months bill of the company you are going to call in so you can be accurate.

2. Always call the company directly. Do not send an email or any other correspondence.

3.If you want to negotiate home phone is the best way to do it.

4. Do not forget to mention the company that you are a loyal customer and you have been with the company for over 2-3 years and so.

5.You pay your bills on or before due date with full amount or you have setup an automatic deduction to pay the bills. Most of the companies like the automatic deduction with no paperwork.

6. If not then you first need to establish your history with the company.

7. Ask to lower the bill or convert the current plan in to cheaper plan and reduce the monthly fees.

8. If you know you want to stay with this company, ask them if they will lower your rates if you lock in for a year

9. Suppose you are going to call them to cancel the service, have the other company in mind who can serve you better. Tell them that you're shopping around for better rates, unless they can help you to reduce monthly payment, you are cancelling their service As long as the company has a competitor in the area and your payment history with them is current, they'll most likely work with you. Sometimes if you are in the middle of the contract, you need to prove to the carrier you are trying to barter with that it is in your best interest, cost wise, to move. If this is the case you need to add up all of your bills, preferably for the last 6 months at least. Let them know that you can save yourself over $XXX by switching. Do not forget to calculate your cancellation fees as well!


10. To lower your cell phone bill, call the customer service department and ask them what their service termination fee is. Then mention that their competitor is offering a better plan with a new phone and more minutes for a fraction of what you're paying. Tell them that it's worth paying the huge termination fee to end your contract early, to go with a company that offers enough minutes that you won't go over each month.

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Did you get a mail from credit card company offering excellent rates, if you'll transfer your balance to them? Well, sometimes, it's worth it to transfer your balance, but that can be a real pain in the neck. Especially if the competitor isn't one you really want to do business with. This option is up to iyou to do more research and take an action accordingly.

Search on the Internet to find out the best bank rates in your area. Use the sites below to compare the rates.,



Unfortunately, if nothing works out and you are unable to negotiate with the customer representative then it is time to speak with the President Office or Customer Retention Department. They will listen to you and may offer more incentive.

Always be polite and do research what the business or the offices are offering to the customers. Remember that the best way to get the best deal is to be informed!

Alternatives like Skype and 1-800-FREE411 are available that allows you to get similar services for a lowered cost, or for free.

Lower your cell phone bill by avoiding overage minutes, unnecessary text messages, and 411 calls.


How I Lowered My Bills

So far, I have called below companies and negotiated with them and got a decent savings:

First, I called AT&T customer service department and ask them if there is way they can lower my bills. I told them my financial situation. They checked the system and find out that they have reduced data plan now than when we started the service earlier, which had reduced the monthly payment by $20.00 on 4 lines.

Next, I called Verizon and accepted the offer for Local, DSL and Business bundle deal and saved $30.00/month.

I called home security system because I was using only basic services, they were nice and reduced the payment from 39.99 to 19.99 and saved $20.00/ month up to six months. I was told to call back after 6 months.

I was with Allstate since last 5 years and when I added my two teenage girls under my Insurance, premium jumped from 1,600/year to $2,600 /year. I knew it’s time to shop around and find out the better deal. I had always wanted to go with company since the day I heard Bill handle`s advertisement on 640 FM Radio. Got the quote from Wawanesa General Company. Next day called Allstate and told them that “I was loyal to them for so many years and would like to give them a chance to match with Wawanesa Company or have something better than that to offer , I am cancelling the service" They were unable to do so, switched to Wawanesa. I could not believe that my new rate was only 1,500/ year. and the saving was 1,100/year.

You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.
- Anthony Robbins -

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