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You poor baby!

Updated on December 19, 2013

Making money

How can you make money?

Do you want more money but can’t seem to find any in your pocket, your bank account, or under your mattress? Do you find yourself wondering why you are always broke, but everyone else seems to be doing okay? Are trying to find a windfall of money because every credit card, loan, or any other debt you have seems to be growing, but your income is not? Do you find yourself wondering why you are poor?

Many people spend countless hours upon hours looking for ways to make money or find a way to save more money. You want to stop struggling in life with finances and have more money in your pocket. So the search begins for ways to become rich and have more finances. So the search begins with the internet, looking for websites on how to make money quickly. Unfortunately, many of the websites want you to spend money that you do not have. Off to the next way- the lottery.

How to make quick money or earn fast money

Hitting the jackpot, one dollar at a time.....

The lottery becomes the new way to make money. You hope to win any lottery and make all your financial worries go away. So you start investing in all types of lottery- instant, daily, weekly, anything that exists. Anything that can make you rich and bring you instant cash is worth the investment- right? You start with one dollar. After all, a dollar can buy you the dream life that you want. Then, it becomes two, three, four…to hundreds of dollars that you spend every week on trying to get rich quick.

Every month that passes, the amount of money spent on lottery increases, only to find yourself with less money than you started with. What else can you do to make money? After exhausting all options that you can think of, you start to accept the reality that you are poor and you cannot be rich. You start to think that society is separated by money and success, and that the rich will continue to get richer, while you will continue to get poorer. You give up on trying to make money and feel bad for yourself for being one of the poor. Is this what you want in your life…to be poor?

Earn Money

The good news is….

Well, the good news is that you still can change everything. By taking the initiative to change the reasons that are keeping you and making you poor, you can put yourself in the right direction in no time to making money. You can still get out of the rut by evaluating the reasons that are making you poor. Investing in lottery will not make you rich. In fact, trying to win lots of money with the lottery might just make you poor.

By changing your excessive spending on items that you really do not need, you can save a little. Changing your attitude about money, about your future, and about yourself could make a difference with your success.

Believe it or not, you will see a huge difference in how much money you spend and save by being more conscious of your finances. Making the little changes in your life now will greatly benefit your future and your current situation. Don’t give up on yourself or give up on being successful. You hold the key to your own future, so why not make sure you find the lock and open the door to success?

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