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Qualities that will get you noticed at work: How successful starts with accountability

Updated on June 30, 2013

Are you a responsible employee?

Since the manager is the eyes and ears for the company, the manager’s opinion counts when it comes to promotions. Managers are the individual’s hired to plan and direct daily procedures, and planning the best use of employees and materials for the company. If the manager notices your exceptional qualities, their opinion matters when promotions occur. Knowing which qualities will get you noticed and promoted is important for a successful career.

The selection of an employee could impact the quality of work for a company. Employees who possess the skills and knowledge necessary for success could help formalize the tasks to create the work that would lead to excellence. Individual skills combined with responsible employees create successful outcomes. The expansion of responsibilities for exceptional employees benefits the key to innovation and success that enables promotions to be given.


This is quality will get you a good reputation at work. Not just a good reputation, but a valuable reputation that will get you noticed by your manager. Being responsible for your own work and your own actions will place you at the top of the exceptional employee’s list. Every time there is an important task, you will most likely be chosen. Every time a responsible employee is needed, your name will be the first one the manager will say.

This is important because you have to prove you know how to do your job, you know what you are doing, and you have confidence in your own work. Learning all aspects of the job and performing the tasks accurately, without skipping any important steps in the process, will gain the reputation that you are excellent at your work and know how to do your job well.

Knowing your job and what it takes to do it, allows the manager to focus on the rest of the employees. If you become the responsible employee who does not need supervisor because you follow tasks, follow rules, and take direction very well, you will eventually be given the responsibility to become a supervisor or manger in the future. In a career, it is important to be viewed as responsible when you are looking to move forward in your career.

If you want to be a more responsible employee, learn every area of your job. Help your coworkers when needed, volunteer your knowledge when asked, learn from everyone else, and keep learning everything that you can about the company that you work for. Do not stop there. Be aware of the duties that affect you, your coworkers, and the company.

Try to improve your job every day that you go to work. Keep learning and help everyone that you can to improve the work that is done. Valuable employees are employees who take responsibility for their own actions as well as for other employees. When an employee needs help, make sure you help when you can. Being a responsible employee means you help your coworkers be responsible too. Taking responsibility for the work proves you are ready to take on more responsibilities when you are promoted.


A smile gets you promoted


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