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Qualities that will get you noticed at work: Smile for success

Updated on July 26, 2013

A happy workplace

There are expectations that a company relies on from each employee, but the employee needs to stand out above all of employees in order to be noticed for their excellent work. What a company is looking for is a valuable employee that can project quality work and revenue growth potential. Knowing what qualities an employer is looking for will make you the best candidate for a promotion. Knowing what qualities will make you stand out the most will benefit you when a promotion is available.

Have you ever heard that a smile can go a long way? Well, it is true. A simple smile, a simple greeting to your coworkers can gain you a reputation for being an employee with a happy personality. Keeping your personal feelings and anger to a minimum and you will gain you a reputation for having a positive attitude and your manager will notice this. If you are pleasant to work with, your manager will most likely recommend you for additional projects that involve working with groups and employees from other areas in the company.

Positive attitude

This one sets the tone for the type of employee that you are. Are you an easy employee to work with or not? No one goes to work to deal with a constant complainer, a negative individual who does not want to be there, or an individual who tries to make everyone’s work day miserable. Do not become the employee everyone tries to avoid. Instead, be the employee that everyone enjoys working with, feel comfortable approaching with questions or issues, and the employee that everyone wants on a team.

Even if you don’t like your coworkers or your manager, you still spend more time with them than your own family. So make the best of the work day by trying to find common ground or a solution to this problem. Employees that are difficult to approach, manage, or work with usually get overlooked for additional projects and tasks. Most of the time, the manager will not choose you, even if you are an exceptional worker, because you are difficult to work with.

Getting along with your coworkers and manager shows is a must in the workplace. Doing your job and maintaining a professional attitude does not involve your personal opinions of an employee’s personal life or personal opinions of the coworker’s. Your focus should always be on doing an excellent job. Avoid personal attacks and gossip to maintain a professional image while you are working. Positive comments and a positive attitude will help you get along with everyone and give you more opportunities for becoming part of tasks and assignments that include potential growth for your career.

A positive employee makes a work day easier to complete. Why would you want to make work a place that you do not want to be at? Individuals can influence each other easily. If one individual is negative, it makes the environment uncomfortable and unpleasant for everyone else. Make sure that you are not the one who is spreading the negativity and making yourself hate your job and preventing yourself from being promoted.


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    • Raitu Disong profile image

      Raitu Disong 4 years ago

      Useful tips for me lol!

      Thanks Mia:)

    • yeagerinvestments profile image

      yeagerinvestments 5 years ago from Wisconsin

      A great attitude can fix a host of problems. Great points!