A request for help

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    chidismartposted 5 years ago

    Hello all,
    I registered for ad sense account last year through my hub at hub pages but for a long time now,I haven't used hub pages.I started a blog and wanted to re-apply for ad sense through the blog. Any time I input my e-mail address, it will ask me to make corrections to my websites"hubpages" which I no longer use or want to use to apply for ad sense any more.The page that it normally directs me to doesn't allow me to make a change of website but only asks me correct the issue with my website"hubpages" and re-submit my application.How do I get round this? If I decide to open another Google mail and use it to apply for ad sense account will they refuse the application based on the fact that it is still applying with the same name.
    Again ,does anybody know how I can change my e-mail account for my bloggers .com  account to use a different e-mail or if it is not possible, can I transfer the content of my blog to a new blog.My blog in bloggers.com that i want to use to apply for adsense account have been in existence since 2011. If it is possible to transfer the contents of the blog to a newer blog will the contents be seen as having being in existence since 2011 or will it be seen as a new blog entirely.
    Thanks immensely in anticipation.I will highly appreciate it if anybody could offer me any form of  help or advice.

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      wqaindiaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      First of all ensure that your Gmail ID is not disapproved by Google. If yes Google never reconsiders applications from disapproved publishers for Policy Violations. It will be better if you create another Gmail ID . After creating the new Gmail ID Go to Blogger dashboard with old Gmail.Go to settings. Invite new Gmail id as author. Go to Gmail inbox with new Gmail and accept the invitation.
      Then again go to Blogger dashboard and make the new Gmail ID as full power administrator of the blog. Go to blogger dashboard with new Gmail. Go to settings and delete the old Gmail as author or administrator. This way you will transfer the blog to your new Gmail id . Open the blogger dashboard. Go to Earning tab and apply for Adsense afresh. Check your mail and discuss the process thereafter as per message received from Goggle Adsense.