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tell me how many dead puters is in your garage, 15?

  1. LaughingRain profile image83
    LaughingRainposted 8 years ago

    tell me how many dead puters is in your garage, 15?

    when did u get your first puter?

  2. AptTec55 profile image50
    AptTec55posted 8 years ago

    5-6 maybe...some are just junk to be tossed, others have dead MBs, processors, etc.

    I got my first computer in 94 I think it was, built from spare parts, slow was not even a good description compared to today's computers..LOL

    When did you get your first one?

    Love, Rick

  3. anisetta profile image52
    anisettaposted 8 years ago

    No dead computers in my garage. I got my first computer, a small laptop  in 1993, a very nice 386 with Internet capability via dialup, Windows 3.1, and WordPerfect. I did my first webpage on that laptop using Notepad.  It still works, but I keep it as a souvenir, its value is priceless since it was a class gift.

    I have been tempted to open it and explore its parts, but I resist the temptation, I prefer to keep it intact for many years to come. Of course, it cannot connect to the internet anymore, but still works to type documents and play with DOS.

  4. profile image44
    Seoloverposted 8 years ago

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  5. LaughingRain profile image83
    LaughingRainposted 8 years ago

    about 1998-99 in WA. I acquired the stylish lime green small compact desk macintosh with photo shop and macPaint program. it had a little handle on the back and I could lift it easily.
    not like the new mac, boring beige color Mac that I have now, I need a forklift to lift this one.

    believe it or not, one can get attached to certain colors, like the lime green thing, it just used to shine for me in the dark with wonderful memories of contacting friends and unknown friends on that thing as I learned to use it.
    along about 2004 I carried it with me to NM. I ended up giving it to a 13 yr old next door to where I moved, much to her father's displeasure, as he "didn't like the internet."
    but he relented in this case. my kids knew I was going to write a book so they got me a new Mac, my current one, which I added a new memory chip to all by my little untechy self later on.

    it was hard releasing the green thing though, but the look on her face was enough reward when she saw my desktop picture. two monkey's were spooning.
    with the age of the green thing, I'd been having to reboot a lot and was getting frozen quite a bit. I might have rebuilt it I guess, but it had two people's stuff on it for years..not sure how that works to rebuild stuff.

    found out a lot of new browsers required mac 10.4. and new software too required updating the platform, I'd worked with mac 10.3 so long, I was reluctant to get with the times, but everything is working smoothly for me at the moment. with the Tiger program. I hear the Jaguar 10.5 is not much improvement over the Tiger that I already have.