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LaughingRain profile image

Alysia McAlister (LaughingRain)

Joined 8 years ago from Arizona. Last activity 8 days ago.




Also follow me on:

I have worked in various service related fields while raising twin daughters. Retired. Wrote a book Road Signs, Shifting Gears Between Two Worlds a mini spiritual bio journal. Self published author available through or Trafford Publishing. In 2018 I wrote and Kindle produced A Booklet of Soul Retrievals Part One. Part two is still being worked on. I'm on QuickStar CD with original song "Who" available on the Going Back Home on I-tunes. Name of the track is listed as by Road Signs. I am an Indie artist with CDBaby. I have one album with 11 originals called Road Signs.

I also like HubPages because it's a classy joint and well run and is community oriented.

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  • Keep to the Love

    Keep to the Love

    7 days ago

    The man asked me to keep to love no matter what happened. This then is an article attempting that. No effort is futile. It is a study in personal relationships in the general sense.

  • Booklet About Soul Retrievals

    Booklet About Soul Retrievals

    5 weeks ago

    A soul retrieval is like a rescue circumstance whereby the living is acting to assist those on the other side of life to be moving on from a stuck place into more of a comfortable state of evolving into their spiritual potential. It is like a messenger service.

  • I Don't Know How I Got Here

    I Don't Know How I Got Here

    12 months ago

    A performer in the karaoke scene gets hit on by a youngster half her age because she encouraged him to perform a song and dance number for the sake of musical expression.

  • Losing A Potential Lover Over Theosophy

    Losing A Potential Lover Over Theosophy

    12 months ago

    Mystic meet a visionary icon and engages in theosophy while going out of body on a series of dates in the energy body. Relationship sours on a forum the two of them share and the lady disappears.

  • You're Just On My Mind

    You're Just On My Mind

    4 months ago

    You meet some one online and feel you've known them before. Deja vu keeps knocking. To complicate matters they keep popping up from a dream where it's difficult to tell reality from fiction.

  • It's Cat Mating Season

    It's Cat Mating Season

    7 years ago

    hey! the couple in the apt over are making cat noises! warm fuzzies Last year I had a whopping group of 18 feral cats coming to me for food, yes and protection from heat and cold. This year four more showed up due to mating season. I hear...

  • Tantric Sex Eye Contact

    Tantric Sex Eye Contact

    5 years ago

    A piece about our sexuality as a human race. It is primal and it's here to stay, but we can take it to a new level just by eye contact.