Pros and cons of getting your real estate license in today's market?

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    fecreiaposted 8 years ago

    Pros and cons of getting your real estate license in today's market?

    As a Real Estate Investor- what are your thoughts about the pros and cons of getting your real estate license in today's market?  How might it affect your real estate investing business?

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    fasthardmoneynycposted 8 years ago

    1) Call 3 real estate brokers in your area and ask them what are the pros and cons

    2) Go to real estate investor forums  and ask full time investors there

    3) Visit real estate attorneys forums or blogs and post your question there as well

    4) Visit real estate investors clubs in your area and speak to f/t investors there about the pros and cons of this

    My 2 cents:


    You have access to 1st hand opportunities to investment opportunities through that office


    When you visit  potential people in foreclosure you will have to reveal that you are a investor but also a realtor, and this could be viewed in the troubled persons eyes as some one not sincere in helping but taking advantage of them, just be honest upfront to avoid this perception or reduce it by being upfront.

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    padualawposted 6 years ago

    Having a real estate license allows you to help people buy, sell, lease, and negotiate real estate.

    There are two sets of licenses that are issued.
    1. Real estate salesperson
    2. Real estate broker license.

    Generally, one must work as a real estate sales person first, but there can be exceptions to those rules, if someone has attained college degree in real estate or practicing as real estate attorney.

    In order to obtain a real estate broker's license, check your local state rules.


    1. The process of getting the license sometimes its delayed and you have to acquire a training to pass an exam.

    2. From investors point of view it would be that you have the real estate license and you can take advantages of their properties.