Tips to safeguard against money making scams

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    Anamika Sposted 8 years ago

    Tips to safeguard against money making scams

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    jay21posted 8 years ago

    Tips to safeguard against money making scams
    Believe it or not this subject is one the least asked about financial questions that I encounter, yet plagues a strong percentage of the U.S population as well as nations aboard. You work hard for that money, so there is no sense parting with it as part of a scam that someone else is running for their benefit at your expense. Below are some examples to assist you in keeping your money where it belongs, your pocket.

    Three important factors to remember are awareness, questioning, and action.
    •    Be aware of what is happening, and what you are doing and saying. Take your time to think about your interaction so you know whether you are in the middle of a solicitation, sales pitch, proposal or scam.
    •    Question every aspect of your interaction until you know exactly what is going on. Ask questions like: "So, what exactly are you after?" or "How did you select me?"
    •    Take action to get on your way - whether that is walking away, driving away or hanging up the phone. Another method of taking action reporting the scammer to your local or federal business authority (America & Canada)
    Apply these factors and you'll be safe from most scams headed your way. Be smart about it, and save money that the con artists are trying to get from you. Also be aware that you may inadvertently seek out scams while you search for an employer, self-employment, or ways to make extra income. To help you out, I'll be discussing a wide range of money making scams and gimmicks to include:
    •    claims on the Internet
    •    invitations via email
    •    working from home
    •    phone solicitation
    •    playing the lottery
    •    water softener systems
    •    mail scams
    •    secrets revealed
    •    deceptive advertising
    •    sales slogans

    Thanks for joining my blog and hope that my info is helpful.

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    MJFandeposted 8 years ago

    Good question, and good answer jay21. These are important things to know. I would also recommend getting Lifelock. My wife and I both have it. and if anything at all happens that has anything to do with our name and address, we know right away. It might not help against the scams much, but it will definately with your identity security.