i need ten thousand dollars, how do i get it?

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    komaild7posted 7 years ago

    i need ten thousand dollars, how do i get it?

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    clicketmasterposted 7 years ago

    By when do you need the money? How much time do you have to get it? I can give you a few ideas, but I'm not sure what your really asking here. Do you want someone to give it to you? Are you trying to make or earn the money? Sorry for all the questions just need a bit more info. But here are a few suggestions.

    Get a loan from the bank.
    Cash out a 401K or IRA
    Borrow from a friend or relative.
    Sell your car.
    Borrow against the equity in your house.
    Sell something worth the money you need
    Sell that time share you don't use
    Credit Card (bad)
    Get 10,000 people to give you a dollar. (Don't Laugh, works for the homeless guy on the corner)
    start a business
    get a part time job.
    mow lawns
    what can you do as a skill that could be offered for money
    lotto ticket (good luck)
    Make a withdrawl from your favorite bank (Bring Ski Mask)