icici cc settlement help

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    ashishjoking12posted 7 years ago

    icici cc settlement help

    hi, I had a icici credit card & had dues of around  1.2lacs & got a settlement for 90k in 5installments & I was able to pay up only around 50k & lost my job so could not finish the settlement. After around 8-10months icici ppl have started harassing me & asking me to pay 1.15lacs as settlement again. I spoke to them saying I am ready to pay remaining 40k but they are saying that my case is in credit department last stage & after this they will take it legal & take action. Please let me know what do I do here. How do I negotiate & whom do I contact.

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    skgraoposted 7 years ago

    Pay 40K by cheque keep xerox copy of the check write everything that has happened including your job loss and send the letter keeping a copy of it by registered mail and tell them matter is closed as per discussion and  let them go and take legal action.It will take time and money for them.If you get notice from their legal dept send xerox copy of your letter sent and tell them the matter is closed.keep copy of that letter also.You may than get a court order to appear go to court and tell the judge that you have no money to hire a lawyer and you want to plead yourself.Then if the judge allows take one month time to prepare for the case.Mean while wont you get a Job.Tell the Judge you will pay in 36 installments he will give 15.That's the end of the ICICI story.

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    soni2006posted 7 years ago

    I have mentioned everything regarding settling credit cards in my hub: http://hubpages.com/hub/Harassment-on-p … I-Bank-DSA

    Just check out this hub for an answer to your questions about CC settlement.