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    manoj1234posted 13 years ago

    Dear sir
    The company for which I was working had issued me a credit card in 2007.For 2 years I was not using the credit card.After purchase of the new home I have removed 20,000 rupees from the credit card.Unfortunately due to some reasons I was not able to repay the credit card dues because I have lended some extra money from my pals which I am still repaying them.Now I have lost my job .In Feb 2009 the recovery agent came to my house to pay 3600 rupees as a minimum amount due and I will issue a settlement letter of 14000 rupees.I agreed and payed 3600 rupees to the collection agent.After 10 days in contacting ICICI Collection department they told me that the settlement would be done at 28000 rupees.I disagreed and told them to do whatever you wanted to do do it.I will not pay you a single amount.In the month of July the collection agent came to my house and he told me to pay 1500 rupees to take your settlement letter from the bank.I pay 1500 rupees to the concerned person.The collection agent told me that the settlement would be done at 20000-25000 rupees lumsome amount .I agreed.The next day the person called me and told me that the settlement have been done at 19000 .He also told me that 4000 rupees you have to pay in cash because the concerned bank person is taking this money as corruption for the removal of the settlement letter in advance.I agreed and told him to remove the settlement letter.The settlement letter zerox copy he have given it to me and he told me to give 4000 rupees .I have given the collection agent 4000 rupees in cash and the collection agent have given me settlement letter zerox copy.After contacting customer care the customer care told me that the settlement is done at 19000 rupees.so the settlement was not fake.I went to the JB Nagar Branch. I told the branch in front of recovery agents the concerned person have taken 4000 rupees as corruption for removal of settlement letter.The recovery agents instead of blaming the concerned collection agent have blamed me for not taking the reciept.The concerned collection agent told in front of all the collection agents that I have not taken any 4000 rupees from you.They asked me to show me the proof or anthing that you have.I have showed them the settlement letter zerox copy.They didn't agreed to that proof .They told me that somebody have taught you to do this .They told me that I am lieing .They harassed me at the JB Nagar branch very badly and told me I will not let you go unless and untill you will not pay the entitre outstanding amount.They scolded me ,shouted at me.They told me to give a call at your place and make the payment ready Then only I will leave you.I was really pissed up with the said case.I told them to give me some time of two days .They agreed and told me to pay the amount to the same concerned person .Then after two days the concerned collection agent called and told me to pay 19000 rupees.I told him .I will not pay you a single amount.He told me that I know how to take money from you.After 3 days he again called.I disconnected the call .The matter is not yet resolved yet?.The outstanding amount have reached to 50000 rupees .The card limit was 25000 rupees.Please help me to resolve the concerned issue since the interest rate is increasing day by day which will land me in a miserable situation...?
    It 's a request Please help me to resolve the issue at the earliest.?

  2. soni2006 profile image75
    soni2006posted 13 years ago

    Hi Manoj,

    The most important thing I would like to tell you is that THIS FORUM IS NOT MEANT FOR filing consumer complaints and you can visit: http://www.consumercomplaints.in/ for posting your complaints in India. This forum is meant for this site which is hubpages and is exclusively made for sharing information relating to this site only.

    Then also, I will try to help you out because I have some knowledge which I can share with your regarding your problem. Read on.....

    I think you are undergoing the same situation I underwent a few months back and that's why I published an article on that. Here is the link:

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Harassment-on-p … I-Bank-DSA

    This article will guide you to solve all the problems you are experiencing with the bank. You have to PAY THE MONEY and this is for sure as you have used it.

    Some emergency steps to be taken by you:

    1. The first and foremost thing you have to do is to file a police complaint regarding the bank's DSA telling them that they are threatening and harassing you.

    2. Secondly, stop making any payments.

    3. Email the bank's customer care.

    Visit http://www.icicibank.com/Pfsuser/custom … ew_v3.html

    and complete all four steps, for example in

    step 1: Click here for online submission of your grievance.

    Step 2: Contact Mr. Avijit Saha, Head, Customer Service.
    Click here to send an e-mail to Mr. Avijit Saha.

    Step 3: Contact Mr.Shiva Kumar Tadikonda, Nodal Officer.
    Click here to send an e-mail to Mr. Shiva Kumar Tadikonda.

    Step 4: Contact Mr. B. Madhivanan, Senior General Manager, Service Quality.
    Click here to send an e-mail to Mr. Madhivanan

    Do all the steps. Do not wait. I did it got my settlement done in 10 days.

    While writing an email to them also mention that please settle my icici card no.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX or I would have to contact the banking ombudsman.

    Believe me after doing this, you will definitely get your card settled. Have patience. Also to note, while writing the email, include your working mobile no. or contact no. mailing address and valid email ID.

    Best of luck

    P.S.: I am just trying to help this person and if the hubpages staff find my post irrelevant, they can delete it.

    1. profile image52
      manoj1234posted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Dear Soni Sir

      Thank you very much for taking your hardened time and explaining me the details about the settlement.One more thing I would like to ask.Do you think after doing this my card will get settled in a nominal amount or shall I go to my lawyer and explain him the situation about the said case.?


  3. soni2006 profile image75
    soni2006posted 13 years ago

    Hi Manoj, there is no need to go to the lawyer. Do these steps and everything will be done. Best of luck.

    1. profile image52
      manoj1234posted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks you soni sir for taking your precious time and giving me a valuable advice.
      What should I write in the email?.I should write the above case in detail or I should write only the relevant content saying this that

      "I Manoj holding card no XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX WOULD LIKE TO SETTLE since my Job is no more and I am in no position to pay the credit card dues .Otherwise  I would have to contact the banking ombudsman.
      I would be highly obliged If you do the settlement in a nominal amount as early as possible"

      I will mention my valid phone number as well as e-mail address
      or I should write the above case in writing


      1. soni2006 profile image75
        soni2006posted 13 years agoin reply to this

        no no no....you are doing it all wrong. I think you have not gone through my hub. Just read and it and comment over there. Leave this forum now.

        Here is the link:  http://hubpages.com/hub/Harassment-on-p … I-Bank-DSA

  4. jacobkuttyta profile image35
    jacobkuttytaposted 13 years ago

    Wish you very best in getting the problem sort out

  5. profile image52
    prabhatcourtposted 11 years ago


    Don't write complaint here you can go to below website and write your complaint:


  6. profile image52
    Sanjay Kumar Negiposted 7 years ago

    You can also go to http://www.akosha.com/ and get your complaint resolved quickly.


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