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What is the best home internet business to purchase or are they all scams

  1. london55 profile image74
    london55posted 7 years ago

    What is the best home internet business to purchase or are they all scams

    I would like  a second income and have had so much info coming through my emails regarding 'how to make money online' would I be wasting my money if i purchase something

  2. webspider20 profile image60
    webspider20posted 7 years ago

    If you want to start a home internet business I highly suggest starting with a blog. Most people think blogs aren't for them but once you try it and start to get the hand of it you will love it.

    Trust me, I didn't want to be a blogger and I fought to stay away from blogs but once I got a taste of them I was hooked. Now I create a full income with just blogs.

  3. bizplanner profile image55
    bizplannerposted 7 years ago

    Most home-based internet business opportunities fall into the scam category.  Some may be legitimate opportunities, but lack the guidance for successful execution, which will only result in frustration and lost money. 

    webspider20 suggested a blog.  It's a good place to start and will get your feet wet with a website and can be centered around something you're passionate about.  I'd highly recommend you use the wordpress platform (free) with your own domain and hosting.  Then you truly "own" the website, rather than it all residing on Blogger, WordPress.com, or another platform that isn't your own.

  4. divoire profile image60
    divoireposted 7 years ago

    Simple answer to your question 'Yes'. You would be wasting money if you didn't know what to do with what you purchase. It is simple to make money online if you know what you are doing. First off figure out what type of online activity you would like to involve yourself in. Then research ways of generating income using that activity. Webspider20 suggested you start a blog. That would be a safe place to start because it's free and you can blog about anything.

    However, should you consider becoming an online enterprenuer, my advice would be don't do it without some training, otherwise you will end up spending too much money and it'll take too long. I made that mistake and I learned the hard way. Then I finally realised, just like any profession, training is a must to get real results.

    So whatever you decide to do if you're going to spend money,  spend it on credible online marketing training or programme.

    All the best

  5. jakester68 profile image53
    jakester68posted 7 years ago

    The thing is it's hard to tell who is on the up and up, don't fall prey to scammers. If you have the drive you might want to try to do it yourself first. It's a little scary at first but as you find information and learn more it's not so bad. It's going from not knowing anything to learning and applying that info to your online business.

    I've been there done that. You could try what I went into and I will give you a place to read up on it first to see if you are interested but as I said I would do it on your own first.

    http://start-a-onlinebusiness.blogspot.com/ Read this first and decide for your self that way you don't feel committed to anything.

    There is also a site that will give you the basics on how to set up an online business http://www.informationprospector.com it gives you resources to check out to see what you need to do. It's based on starting an affiliate marketing business but the basic concept for starting an online business is the same.

  6. jane burnz profile image55
    jane burnzposted 7 years ago

    Gawd I remember asking this question all over the place, and I never believed anyone when  they answered me! haha It took me forever to weed through the scams and find some honest opinions. I am a huuuge skeptic though. Huge.

    Research, research, research. Learn to pick out the sales pitches right away so you can decipher who you think is telling the truth and is guiding you towards the right product/program.
    Problem is, most 'scammers' are reaaally good at what they do, and they have google and the rest of the search engines taken by storm.

    two people that I trusted to be real people and gave good advice are Yaro Starak and Steve Pavlina. Both also super successful people on here.

    entrepreneurs-journey.com/  ->yaro starak

    stevepavlina.com --> steve pavline (obvi)

    thehelpforfreepage.com --> Me! wink But i'm partial.. lol