Well im from belize and i know nobody can help me here.but im just depressed and

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  1. profile image47
    Carliannieposted 7 years ago

    Well im from belize and i know nobody can help me here.but im just depressed and i dont know...

    what to do.both my parents died 3 years ago in a drowing accident and left me to take care of my little brother and since they didnt leave no will my family helped with my dads cabinet business but my aunt was greedy and left us bankrupt since my boyfriend is black no of my family wants to help me.i cant get no job because when my dads business was bankrupting i stopped school to try to fix it since i was 18.but no luck!!!im 20 years old now and no job no luck and im just trying to do the right thing for my baby brother i dont want to loose him too.im living with my boyfriends parents right no

  2. sarasca profile image72
    sarascaposted 7 years ago

    Unfortunately, your sad tale of woe isn't unusual and is certainly extremely common right here in America.  Also, your plight is MILD compared to many who have circumstances much, much worse than your own.

    And guess what?  THEY make do with what they have and climb out of the hole they are in to improve their plight.

    You don't need an education to get a job, so don't use that as an excuse anymore.  I know people who didn't go beyond the 3rd grade in school that are gainfully employed and earning a good living.  Fast food restaurants, laundry facilities, factories, service businesses, and manual labor employers will always hire people with NO education, so surely you can find a job with the education you've managed to get so far.

    As for your baby brother that you don't want to lose...since you are over 18, you can petition a court to grant custody of your brother to you until he reaches the age of majority.

    Stop sitting around complaining about your situation and do something about it.  A money tree isn't going to sprout in your backyard magically, so stop expecting pennies from heaven and pave the way with your own sweat and effort.  If you do that, then what you have in the future will be worth all the more to you because you earned every bit of it instead of having it handed to you on a silver platter.

  3. profile image47
    Carliannieposted 7 years ago

    i kno your right!!!!
    i am currently trying with newspapers and labour departments and so..
    but belize is a place where not many jobs are available and most jobs are given to friends and family becaz its so small!!1
    i do get my down days but im trying really hard!!!
    i ve sent so much resumes...
    but im hopefull:D
    eventho when ppl c a 20 year old they think irresponsible:(
    tnx doh

  4. NiaLee profile image61
    NiaLeeposted 6 years ago

    My dear, of course we can help, and the first person who can help you is you! First I am sorry for your loss and your circumstances, yes family can be a plague sometimes!!! Let's remember that our family are human beings and they can have all the flaws like we can.
    SO, you make different plans and move on with your life, first you have people who have let you in and that is great. Now, look for a job and/ or training. You are 20 years old, you have all life in front of you to study, work, train and get a career that will be good for your wallet and maybe also for your bodymind.
    This is the new year, make a resolution to put your head up and don't let nothing and nobody drag you down.
    You are young, you are strong, you can have faith in God and yourself to start a good life for yourself and your brother.

    Close your eyes, empty your mind, then take a piece of papers and make a list of opportunities or people that can help you get a job, see what career you want to start and go to an educational counselor to decide concretely what you want and can do as soon as the holidays are gone.
    Love and peace to you and all
    Watch over you, take care of you, prepare the future for you...and your brother


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