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Is there really a way to get free money?

  1. mikielikie profile image66
    mikielikieposted 7 years ago

    Is there really a way to get free money?

  2. simeonvisser profile image83
    simeonvisserposted 7 years ago

    Ultimately, you'll need to do something for the money. Society isn't going to bring it to you. Having said that, you can earn money "for free" while writing here at HubPages. You write useful articles, you sign up for Google AdSense and then you earn money as people click on ads.

    By the way, if you keep viewing HubPages as a blogging platform then things won't work. You'll need to see HubPages as a platform publishing articles instead, that'll work much better in earning money.

  3. xrocker30 profile image75
    xrocker30posted 7 years ago

    No matter how easy it is to get the money it will always cost you something. Such as your time. But if by "free" you mean it won't cost you any money, than yes there are ways.

  4. shoaibasif55 profile image60
    shoaibasif55posted 7 years ago

    Yes there are many ways who pay u real money online and most of them are free to join.. like google adsense, infolinks, affiliate marketing,surfing ads,ad pasting online jobs,ebay, clickbank,.ws,and clicking ads are the some real ways from which u can earn money, but the question is how? for this purpose you should have a knowledge about these sites you can read my hubs regularly because im going to explore the ways to earn money for beginners. thanks and dont worry its too easy and totally free without spending a penny