What are good tips for couponing????

  1. Shantelly profile image37
    Shantellyposted 6 years ago

    What are good tips for couponing????

  2. wymyczak66 profile image92
    wymyczak66posted 6 years ago

    After the post about the contest I'm really kicking myself for not waiting to write new hubs lol, I coupon in a way that saves a lot of money without having to be crazy like the ladies on tv. My couponing methods are a slower stock pile build, but  I still haven't paid for toothpaste in a year, I currently have about 8 aspirin bottles in various brands (All less than $1 each or free, OR a negative price), and I haven't spent more than 50 cents on tampons in like 6 months. That's big savings, and it's really easy! I wrote a hub explaining everything I do and how to get started: http://wymyczak66.hubpages.com/hub/Savi … -Beginners    Hope this helps!

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    mailxpressposted 6 years ago

    If you visit my profile page you will find a Hub I wrote a few weeks ago about a new e-coupon website.  No clip and no print.  It's fairly new but the more popular it becomes the more e-coupons will become available.  I love it.  It's free to join, saves me money and saves me a lot of time.  The Hub is called SavingStar E-coupons.