XForex - Is it worth it?

  1. nicregi profile image78
    nicregiposted 5 years ago

    XForex - Is it worth it?

    I am really deciding to join XForex but I really wonder if that is really a good choice. I am going in big if you are asking me. However, I really wonder if that is really worth it.

    What do you think?

    I am more interested to play like 'here and there', and some investment into it from time to time.

  2. thecollecktor profile image70
    thecollecktorposted 5 years ago

    I am not able to do xforex because I am in the US and it is illegal for me to participate.   The currency market or Forex market, the one I use to invest with is an exciting adventure.  Is it worth participating as an investor.  Yes, I believe it is.  I have been using a $50,000 practice account with Forex, have made money and now am in a losing streak.   To succeed, it is important to practice trading with one currency and learn its movements.   This keeps you focused and will allow you to achieve some success.   Some currencies move opposite others.    Not always.  When you participate in two currencies and they are contrary to each other and you are wrong, you lose big.     Hope I have helped you make a decision.