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What are some legit ways to earn extra money online?

  1. MrsGray32 profile image61
    MrsGray32posted 4 years ago

    What are some legit ways to earn extra money online?

    I have been doing a lot of research lately and am coming to find that short of filling out survey after survey, earning extra money by doing something online doesn't seem to exist.  What are some helpful websites or Blogs that actually pinpoint where to look for legit online employment.

  2. krillco profile image95
    krillcoposted 4 years ago

    Find a good product that lots of people want, and only you can provide (or provide better for less than your competition), and then sell it. Easy, yea? wink

  3. junkseller profile image84
    junksellerposted 4 years ago

    I have looked into, and done, a variety of online money making activities and the best I have found so far is as a search engine evaluator (it goes by a variety of names). It involves assessing the results returned by a search engine so that the engine provider can improve their algorithm. The three companies I know of who hire for such a position are Leapforce https://www.leapforceathome.com/qrp/public/home Appen Butler Hill http://www.appenbutlerhill.com/ and Lionbridge http://www.lionbridge.com/

    Appen Butler Hill and Lionbridge also have a variety of other online work opportunities, but I am not very familiar with them.

    A word of warning. These positions are not necessarily easy to get or keep. They are fairly demanding and intensive.

    I only know a little bit about Leapforce. A position with them requires passing an online quiz based upon content they provide in a (fairly large) training manual. The failure rate for this quiz is quite high, though I suspect in many cases it is people who think they can browse through the manual and breeze through the quiz.

  4. beherdtennis profile image78
    beherdtennisposted 4 years ago

    There are many legitimate ways to earn extra cash online. Writing is definitely one of them, but it will not happen quickly. Either a blog, or other writing sites will take time to build up content and readers to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling. 

    You could also try day trading or currency trading. But again, there is a lot of knowledge that is needed to get started, and the risks can be very high. There are days where you gain over $100 and days when you lose over $100, and that is with a very small starting amount(around $1,000).

    Affiliate marketing can work, but again is not a get rich quick scheme. 

    The thing to keep in mind with any idea online is that while it may be very convenient to work from home/online/anywhere, that also creates other barriers of entry, such as a flood in the market, or many people or websites doing the exact same thing.

    The possibilities are endless, you just have to come to the realization that it will not happen overnight, and for the first few years you will work way more than 40 hours a week to later work less.  Just remember that if it was easy to do, everyone would do it, and where there is 1 success story, there are thousands of failed ones.

    Hope that helps!


  5. Steve Burgess profile image59
    Steve Burgessposted 4 years ago

    There are many promising ways to earn extra money on the internet nowadays. Now the question is: are all legit? NO. Though there are plenty of ways to earn extra cash online from eBay to affiliate programs to multi-level marketing, beware of scams.
    So in order to sort through what's real and what's fake, research online, ask for references and apply your own common sense.