Saving and spending

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    Ian Dabasori Hetrposted 3 years ago

    Saving and spending

    Do you spend your income before saving or save before spending?

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    Tusitala Tomposted 3 years ago

    If you don't save before you spend - by this I mean put some money away first that you intend to save - you're always going to feel broke.   But even saving doesn't help if you continually dig into those savings to pay expected or even unexpected bills - unless you reall, really, really have to.

    Many people live from payday to payday with constant thoughts about whether they can cope.  This isn't good.   Best way to get your thoughts of money and it's possible scarcity is to ensure that you have some tucked away in an investment of some kind that cannot be easily touched. for example, a term deposit.   It does not have to be a great deal of money.   Two or three months pay is enough - though it's better to have even more.

    Also, bear in mind that, generally, as we grow older and have been in the workforce longer, things get easier finacially.   Or they should, if we're not being frivoulous and irresponsible.   It is natural for things to be hard initially, but they get better as time goes by.

    If you have the feeling that there is always enough if an emergency happens "So I don't need to think about it," you've arrived at a level where you no longer feel that almost habitual sense of desperation so many have.

    It might not be easy to set aside for that 'reserve' but it really is worth it.  Also, keep money aside to pay not only your normal household bills but a bit extra for the unexpected expenditure such as needing a new stove, or water heater et cetera.   

    So, to reiterate.  Put your savings, both the ready-to-use savings for bills and unexpected expenditure, plus another savings account for the 'reserve.'
    What you've got left, use for housekeeping and the like and, if you've got some over, spend it for enjoyment.    However, remember to keep some for enjoyment.  After all, you're life is more than just concerns with monetary security.

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      Ian Dabasori Hetrposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      This reply is simply the best I had ever received. Thanks much Tusitala Tom. Cheers