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Is there money for every person on planet earth?

  1. browntrev24 profile image59
    browntrev24posted 3 years ago

    Is there money for every person on planet earth?

  2. askformore lm profile image70
    askformore lmposted 3 years ago

    YES! There is enough money on the planet for every person. And we can even print some more if we want.
    The big question is: Is there enough food and medicine (healthcare) for every person on the Earth.

  3. browntrev24 profile image59
    browntrev24posted 3 years ago

    My answer is no,  i believe sure not healthcare there is not enough medicine available because of lab decline knowledge,  thank you.

  4. Tusitala Tom profile image60
    Tusitala Tomposted 3 years ago

    There is enough money for everyone for money is simply a means of exchange for the goods and services we provide to one another and just about everyone can provide these things to greater or lesser extent.

    Our problems come from the silly uses of money; the 'something for nothing' syndrome we see in gambling for example.   Whole industries are set up around this something for nothing idea.  Can you imagine how popular horse racing would be - the socalled, 'Sport of Kings' - if nobody was allowed to bet

    Probably the silliest uses come from our fears of others: other individuals, other groups, other nations.   This is why we need crime fighters, and armed forces.  We waste not billions, but trillions of dollars on the invention, research and development of weapondry and its ancilliaries, most of which either never gets used (thank God) and becomes obsolescent and is junked.

    Then there are the hoarders.   Those who are so fearful of having no money that they spend their whole lives focused on gathering more.   I do recall reading somewhere that if all the money was divided up between the world's population every person would have X thousands of dollars.

    However, the even distribution would not last.  Within a three or four years the 'have nots' would be back to having not and those that wanted to become rich would be on their way to becoming so.

  5. Lowdown0 profile image82
    Lowdown0posted 3 years ago

    There is plenty of resources for every person on earth and more, money can represent these resources. The problem with this world is it is in a fallen state because of sin. Therefor this world will not be able to recover from the decline it's showing concerning the negative direction humanity is taken.

    The only hope is in Jesus Christ, where eternal life in paradise is awaiting those who accept the free gift of salvation he has given by the shedding of his sinless blood.

  6. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago

    There is no shortage of money on the planet. People who have no money either are located in an area where there is little opportunity for them to create wealth by selling their ideas/products to others or they lack the know how to generate value for their talent/skills and ideas.
    Money circulates and those who master the art of learning how to (increase) their wealth with wise investing do better than those that focus on spending and consuming. If one can provide a service or product that truly enriches the lives of others they may earn significant amounts of money. Communication skills help.

    Most people do not approach their personal finances like a business. Each year a business sets out to do better than it did the previous year! Goals are set and bench marks are reviewed quarterly. They're constantly looking for "growth opportunities" to increase profits. There is usually a one year, 5 year, and 10 year plan.
    Most people aren't driven enough to attempt to outperform their previous year's income. They want to "coast" and not bother trying to anticipate potential changes on the horizon. The super wealthy don't think in terms of "earning enough" they want to do their BEST each year! This explains why they don't stop working after becoming millionaires or billionaires. They love what they do.
    They live for the excitement of creating, selling, and earning. The money just becomes a measure for them to "keep score".