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What is your best tip for saving money?

  1. PhoenixV profile image71
    PhoenixVposted 13 months ago

    What is your best tip for saving money?

  2. Terrielynn1 profile image94
    Terrielynn1posted 13 months ago

    My best money saving tip, is to save your change. Every day empty your pockets, purse and bags. But in the save jar. My husband and I did this for 2 months and it paid the mortgage on our 3 rd month. It has worked for saving for holidays and education too.

  3. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 13 months ago

    Define your real needs (food, shelter, medical care) versus wants (eating out, beauty treatments, new car). When money is tight or you need to save for future goals, don't spend on wants and justify it as needs.

  4. The0NatureBoy profile image47
    The0NatureBoyposted 13 months ago

    The only tip I have for saving money is buy only what one needs and know the difference between needs and wants. However, survival needs are supposed to be free for man to go where they grow and eat or drink our fill and if that was so there would be no need for money like all others life on earth. 

    As a nomad I discovered man need only air, water, food and wisdom enough to get it as individuals, as the specie we need to know how and when to procreate because everything else are wants conditioned into us.

  5. APPetty profile image87
    APPettyposted 13 months ago

    1) Clip coupons. It may sound cheesy, but using coupons on food, especially, can be beneficial. The thing is you would have to open minded to trying new products or buying more inorder to see the savings and discounts.

    2) Set aside money every paycheck. This can be $5.00 to start. Then $10.00. Watch the difference it makes after six months.

    3) If you have to, withdraw money you need to spend and leave your credit or debit card at home. This will force you to use what you have and be frugal about what you buy.

    4) Stay committed to your goal and finances.