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I'm a Baptist preacher turned philosophy for choosing to follow Yoshua's (Jesus) teachings rather than making myself a hypocrite. I followed isaiah 7:14-22 to learn civilization's [butter] and nature's [honey] laws and chose the self-reproducing environment over civilization for being numbered with the "alive and remaining" once the tribulation ends this world.

I am 73, a boy with a testimony of a new conception, gestation, trivial, birth, babyhood, childhood and now more than 33 years an adolescent looking to obtain Yoshua's abilities any day now. I left everything and became a nomad folowing Yoshua's unrecorded 18 years of life.

That life taught me there's no good nor evil because Karma controlls reincarnation, everything happens in a cycle and all lives are predestimed. Thus, it easy to acept all of the atrocities man do because they are either sowing or reaping to themselves (their lifeforces).

I realize truth is in religions, sience, science fiction, fairy tails, poetry and much more although none have the whole truth. Only by intergreating all concepts will we ever comprehend life. As long as we cling to one source denouncing all others we have unanswered life questions because everything is connected.

Politically, I desire to see the US become a constitutional nation. The Preamble reveals what the founders intended this nation to become. When Wasington said "let us raise a stadard only the wise and honest can repir, the event is in the hands of God" he knew they were not wise nor honest enough to implement it and admonished god to do it in its time.


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  • The Dead In Christ

    The Dead In Christ

    2 weeks ago

    We are told "The Dead In Christ" rises before the survivors of the world's end join them after a shout from heaven, what other scripture are written in support of it, when and how does it happen?

  • Questions To Aid The Reborn

    Questions To Aid The Reborn

    10 days ago

    For born again Bible readers to get a scriptural worldview and understand their reading scriptures the reading must paint a mental picture of what is said. May these questions help you in your quest.

  • Love  aka  Indifference

    Love aka Indifference

    2 weeks ago

    ... was written during my spiritual childhood, between 1980 and ’84 I will now, rather than change it in 2018, define the lines and my present understanding of the term "love".

  • The Learning Process

    The Learning Process

    2 months ago

    Man are encouraged to go to school for an education. Is that Possible? Let’s begin by defining “education” since it begins with “E” with school’s “S” later then see how we become each, one or both.

  • The Bible's Message

    The Bible's Message

    5 months ago

    Preachers and teachers retell Bible stories missing the actual revelations, so, being Malachi’s prophet Elijah I’m revealing the end time messages for those with spiritual "ears" for hearing it.

  • Who Are ‘The Living Dead’

    Who Are ‘The Living Dead’

    11 months ago

    The Christ said “let the dead bury their dead” so who are they and are there any other biblical references suggesting there are living people who are dead?

  • What Is Christian? Christianity?

    What Is Christian? Christianity?

    4 weeks ago

    There’s a Hub Pages question asking can anyone say who is and is not Christian that I am attempting to answer here. Christ said you can't without being born again, morphing from woman back into man.

  • Existence Explained Via Numbers

    Existence Explained Via Numbers

    4 weeks ago

    We are told there is an infinite number of whole numbers in the numbering system but is it true? I want to show why that statement is correct is in the system we use but incorrect in whole counting.

  • Money Has No Value

    Money Has No Value

    10 months ago

    Matthew 28:19-20 paraphrased: go teach all nations and immerse them in the name I AM THAT I AM for them to be discipline by you revealing what spirit has caused you to observe.

  • The Prophet Like Moses

    The Prophet Like Moses

    11 days ago

    A prophet like unto Moses will rise up from our midst is written which makes Israel chosen as only a symbolic type of the end-time people and events that require interpreting, this is Moses'.

  • The Messiah We Seek

    The Messiah We Seek

    17 months ago

    Christianity says Jesus Christ will return, prophecies suggests 2 messiahs, a Rod from Jesse's stem and a Branch from his Root, the Root arrived with Israel's rebirth so we need to know what to seek.

  • Understanding The Knowledge Of Good and Evil

    Understanding The Knowledge Of Good and Evil

    12 months ago

    “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” suggests blind believing is eating “the knowledge of good and evil” as one has no substance supporting such beliefs.

  • Why and How the U.S. Government Should Be Overthrown

    Why and How the U.S. Government Should Be Overthrown

    3 weeks ago

    George W. Bush said, “we are a nation of laws and the laws must be obeyed” but he committed “treason” by allowing September 11, 2001 to happen.

  • The U.S. Constitution's Spirit

    The U.S. Constitution's Spirit

    8 days ago

    The spirit of the constitution is about The Equality Of All Man opposing the European class system that is generally used to interpret it so here is how I interpret it.

  • The Bible's Cycle

    The Bible's Cycle

    11 months ago

    Man generally believe the Bible represents the beginning and the end of earth and everything herein but my reading reveals a cycle, here is my perspective.

  • The USA In Bible Prophecy

    The USA In Bible Prophecy

    3 weeks ago

    The following are the prophecies I feel to be the most important concerning the USA of most biblical prophecies relating to the last world ruling nation.

  • Why It's Written

    Why It's Written "In the Name 'Of' Jesus"

    3 months ago

    Jesus is not a Hebrew name, why isn’t his name Hebrew and what does the Bible and history tell us about the name Jesus.” [I use the KJV Bible.]

  • Revelation Chapter Twelve

    Revelation Chapter Twelve

    6 months ago

    Christianity teaches the dragon's claiming a third of the stars and being kicked out of heaven was something happened pre-creation, they hadn't and the woman is its most important aspect.

  • What Atheist Means To Me!

    What Atheist Means To Me!

    6 days ago

    The concept of god is a major cause of man's choosing ignorant because it takes away the desire to be objective because of being afraid of hell's fire which is only a metaphor of civilization itself.