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  • Hearing God Speaking

    Hearing God Speaking

    11 days ago

    At 6 months Elijah heard a voice and obeyed that to win praises from his mother for not crying and continued during his childhood to end before leaving his mother at 19. With his New Conception, 28, it returned to remain until 3 years after his New Birth at 31.

  • What “Spiritual” Time Is It

    What “Spiritual” Time Is It

    2 weeks ago

    Throughout the Bible we see words like “in that day” which suggest we have specific things to look forward to that reveals, we must suppose, “That Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord” Elijah precedes. Where do we find those signs?

  • Today’s Sophy (part 13)

    Today’s Sophy (part 13)

    6 weeks ago

    There are many prophecies revealing the coming messiah while the church constantly talks about what to reject. Are there any and if so what scriptures reveals what to look for. We see many telling us what to ignore, so if there are any where do we find them?

  • Today’s Sophy (part 15) Oracle Cards

    Today’s Sophy (part 15) Oracle Cards

    7 weeks ago

    A Game Card deck has 54 cards and large and small Joker, the Tarot deck has 80 cards with one Fool. Both decks have 4 suits. Game cards have 12 per suit and Tarot 13 with 22 Trump cards that begins and end with The Fool numbered zero. Both decks has a Spiritual or Esoteric message for us.

  • Today's Sophy (part 14)

    Today's Sophy (part 14)

    7 weeks ago

    Jesus said I’m in the father and the father is in me while Paul said the invisible things of God are clearly seen being understood by the things made, therefore [we] are without excuse. Together they telling us nothing said in the scriptures are beyond explanation.

  • Homosexuals And Transgenders

    Homosexuals And Transgenders

    4 months ago

    Christian teachings concerning homosexuality errors. Christianity, formed by celibacy vowed boys, could not have been sexually educated because to educate require objectively experiencing the matter and a life of celibacy does not allow for a sex education. I'm attempting to set the record straight.

  • The Aboriginals’ Source

    The Aboriginals’ Source

    4 months ago

    The Native Australians are called Aboriginals which means The Originals but the Bible say there are four groups and without them the world would have long been destroyed.

  • Revelations Explanation

    Revelations Explanation

    2 months ago

    The messaged revealed to John on the Island of Patmos many who are calling themselves in the likeness of Christ will not even read it, the symbols scare me is their excuse. That means they must not be born of the spirit.

  • The 4 Four-Faced Beings

    The 4 Four-Faced Beings

    4 months ago

    Ezekiel 1:10 has four and Revelation 4:7 has one four-faced beings with one face being like a lion, one like a man, one like a ox in Ezekiel and calf in Revelation with the fourth being an eagle that is flying in Revelation. I'm revealing what they represents in this presentation.

  • The Rhyming Creation

    The Rhyming Creation

    5 months ago

    What do most man see as the Bible's message? Most teaches it say its God's instructions to man. I've found it tells us of a never ending cycle to earth that can be explained by comparing it to seasons, days and years. I'm using that as the model for this interpretation of the book.

  • Discussing Man In Poetry

    Discussing Man In Poetry

    5 months ago

    There are many things about man man seldom question, at least not openly, that during my 1981-84 transitioning into NatureBoy I did and wrote those muses in verse. Today I'm willing to share them with others, especially those who don't take what they are told as true without questioning it.

  • Freedom Discussed In Poetry

    Freedom Discussed In Poetry

    5 months ago

    The Christ said "The truth shall MAKE you free" and suggests one has to be free to know what freedom is. Of America it's said "the land of the free" so I want to see if freedom exists within the boundaries called The United States of America as the following poems present freedom.

  • From Birth to New Birth

    From Birth to New Birth

    5 months ago

    The concept of New Birth is the backbone of Christianity so after mine and during my 1980ties transforming from Woman to Man I wrote in verse what I expected to become, a totally detached wandering nomad living environmentally like all other animated earth bound beings.

  • Adam and Eve, A Sonnet

    Adam and Eve, A Sonnet

    5 months ago

    The story of creation from its beginning to the end written in rhyme.

  • My Sex Education

    My Sex Education

    5 months ago

    Man send our children to school where our Tax Dollars Provides for children's primary and we pay hard earned money for a college education. Are we getting our money's worth or are we being scammed?

  • 20/20 Hindsight

    20/20 Hindsight

    5 months ago

    This poem was inspired by John Hanson's poem "The Anzacs - Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (a Poem of Remembrance)" so I want to share it with my followers.

  • Today's Sophy (part 11)

    Today's Sophy (part 11)

    6 months ago

    The earth with all its species, as written, was created with both genders of man completed in six days followed by a day of rest and a second creation of earth. The second one began with a dry waterless earth with no life where I AM formed a single man from its dust and breathed life into it.

  • Today’s Sophy (part 10)

    Today’s Sophy (part 10)

    6 months ago

    The Christ said give unto Cesar that which be Cesar’s and unto God that which be God’s and knowing "what is God's and What is Cesar's" requires answering if we are to determine the difference?

  • Today’s Sophy (part 9)

    Today’s Sophy (part 9)

    6 months ago

    If it’s possible to make sense out of what, on the surface, doesn’t make since we need some point of reference. I wanted to make logical sense of Jesus’ words I am in the father and the father is in me so I needed something for a reference.

  • Today's Sophy (Part 8)

    Today's Sophy (Part 8)

    4 months ago

    Kim Clement foretold Trump as president, the evangelicals gave him the victory in 2017 & Trump's not to be impeached but someone like David follows. God's displeasure with Soul caused his death and already anointed David replaced him, now the root of David messiah is Trump's replacement is the order

  • Treason U.S.A. Style

    Treason U.S.A. Style

    10 months ago

    Art 3, Sec 3, Para. 3: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

  • Today’s Sophy (part 7)

    Today’s Sophy (part 7)

    11 months ago

    God said, let us make man in our image, after our likeness… God created man in his own image… male and female created he them… be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth… let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the fowls of the air… all the earth, and everything… upon...

  • Scriptural Sophy

    Scriptural Sophy

    14 months ago

    Scriptures say God’s word will not return to him void but accomplishes what he wills. To know what those words mean we must first comprehend the working of God’s words.

  • Uniting America (part 2)

    Uniting America (part 2)

    14 months ago

    As our nation’s name, United States of America, imply we are to be united in every possible way with no political parties, no separation of church from state (except the true church called out of the world’s way of life into environmental living), no secret nor separated societies within the...

  • Today’s Sophy (part 6)

    Today’s Sophy (part 6)

    6 months ago

    90% present of people are Human (hewed from man) and Woman (woven from man) during these last days. The man are the ten virgins or 10% of the world's ending population and what tadpoles are to frogs, able to comprehend only half of their life’s purpose is why human are blind to life's reality.

  • Today’s Sophy (part 5)

    Today’s Sophy (part 5)

    14 months ago

    Whom shall [God] teach knowledge; and whom shall [God] make to understand doctrine; them that are weaned from the milk (daughters of men’s teachings), and drawn from the breasts (their ministers and teachers) was asked of us and to me that is demanding seekers of truth to…

  • Today’s Sophy (Part 4)

    Today’s Sophy (Part 4)

    7 weeks ago

    The Christ instructed us pray thy kingdom come in earth as it is in heaven, in another place he said the kingdom of heaven is within us and also it’s written heaven is god’s throne, so by following Isaiah’s instructions to put those heaven precepts upon each other what are we asking?

  • Uniting America’s States

    Uniting America’s States

    14 months ago

    With united being a part of a nation’s name shouldn’t it have everyone thinking and acting as near as possible a single mind? Those called our founding fathers had to have wanted it otherwise why did they name it so? What happened that it continues to divide after the founders supplanted the...

  • A Civilization’s Day

    A Civilization’s Day

    6 months ago

    So often human long for YESTERDAY but which, there's the Common evening to morning days, the luna cycle is a day, the year is a day and all other cycle are days? With all cycles being days I am presently longing for the day when mankind lived ecologically which is on it's way.

  • Samson Types World End

    Samson Types World End

    7 months ago

    Bible prophecy reveals end-time events in many prophet types that interprets the United States of America is the last world ruling nation. This interpretation is typing the story of Samson to the Christ who enters the White House before manifesting as the messiah.

  • Jesus' Karma

    Jesus' Karma

    6 weeks ago

    KJV Bible, Thomas Nelson Publishers, Ecclesiastes 1:9 reads The things that hath been, it is that which shall be: and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. It means all biblically recordings happens without end eternally.

  • Why Be Born Again?

    Why Be Born Again?

    8 weeks ago

    I’ve asked many Christians what happened when they became reborn. The only answer I’ve gotten is “I invited Jesus into my heart and I was born again” so are they?

  • A Tithe, a Tenth, Ten Virgins

    A Tithe, a Tenth, Ten Virgins

    17 months ago

    Moses required Tithing a Tenth, the Christ gave a Ten Virgins parable, coincidence or message? The Old Testament mentions early and latter rains, is it Revelation’s Harvest?

  • What Is Spirit Saying

    What Is Spirit Saying

    7 months ago

    "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit say" means only Man Born of the Spirit can grasp it's meaning. To hear it spirit must reintegrates our femininity into our masculine that Adam and Eve caused to separated so woman only hear emotional good and evil Judgments their rebirth corrects.

  • Freedom Or Deception

    Freedom Or Deception

    14 months ago

    Are we free or are we only deceived? How do we define free? How do we define Slave? Written is by knowing "the truth it will make you free." Does anyone know free without living it?

  • The Dead In Christ

    The Dead In Christ

    14 months ago

    We are told "The Dead In Christ" rises before the survivors of the world's end then join them after a shout from heaven, what other scripture are written in support of it, when and how does it happen?

  • Questions To Aid The Reborn

    Questions To Aid The Reborn

    19 months ago

    For born again Bible readers to get a scriptural worldview and understand their reading scriptures the reading must paint a mental picture of what is said. May these questions help you in your quest.

  • Love  aka  Indifference

    Love aka Indifference

    19 months ago

    ... was written during my spiritual childhood, between 1980 and ’84 I will now, rather than change it in 2018, define the lines and my present understanding of the term "love".

  • The Learning Process

    The Learning Process

    21 months ago

    Man are encouraged to go to school for an education. Is that Possible? Let’s begin by defining “education” since it begins with “E” with school’s “S” later then see how we become each, one or both.

  • The Bible's Message

    The Bible's Message

    2 years ago

    Preachers and teachers retell Bible stories missing the actual revelations, so, being Malachi’s prophet Elijah I’m revealing the end time messages for those with spiritual "ears" for hearing it.

  • Who Are ‘The Living Dead’

    Who Are ‘The Living Dead’

    2 years ago

    The Christ said “let the dead bury their dead” so who are they and are there any other biblical references suggesting there are living people who are dead?

  • What Is Christian? Christianity?

    What Is Christian? Christianity?

    20 months ago

    There’s a Hub Pages question asking can anyone say who is and is not Christian that I am attempting to answer here. Christ said you can't without being born again, morphing from woman back into man.

  • Existence Explained Via Numbers

    Existence Explained Via Numbers

    20 months ago

    We are told there is an infinite number of whole numbers in the numbering system but is it true? I want to show why that statement is correct is in the system we use but incorrect in whole counting.

  • Money Has No Value

    Money Has No Value

    6 months ago

    Matthew 28:19-20 paraphrased: go teach all nations and immerse them in the name I AM THAT I AM for them to be discipline by you revealing what spirit has caused you to observe.

  • The Prophet Like Moses

    The Prophet Like Moses

    6 months ago

    A prophet like unto Moses will rise up from our midst is written which makes Israel chosen as only a symbolic type of the end-time people and events that require interpreting, this is Moses'.

  • The Messiah We Seek

    The Messiah We Seek

    2 months ago

    Christianity says Jesus Christ will return, prophecies suggests 2 messiahs, a Rod from Jesse's stem and a Branch from his Root, the Root is to arrive with Israel's nation's 1948 rebirth so we need to know who we seek because 80 years from then shall his destiny be fulfilled and civilization's also.

  • Understanding The Knowledge Of Good and Evil

    Understanding The Knowledge Of Good and Evil

    5 months ago

    Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen suggests blind believing is eating from the knowledge of good and evil since neither one has substance to support good nor evil beliefs.

  • Why and How the U.S. Government Should Be Overthrown

    Why and How the U.S. Government Should Be Overthrown

    5 months ago

    George W. Bush said, “we are a nation of laws and the laws must be obeyed” but he committed “treason” by allowing September 11, 2001 to happen.

  • The U.S. Constitution's Spirit

    The U.S. Constitution's Spirit

    6 weeks ago

    The spirit of the constitution is about The Equality Of All Man opposing the European class system that is generally used to interpret it so here is how I interpret it.

  • The Bible's Cycle

    The Bible's Cycle

    2 years ago

    Man generally believe the Bible represents the beginning and the end of earth and everything herein but my reading reveals a cycle, here is my perspective.

  • The USA In Bible Prophecy

    The USA In Bible Prophecy

    2 weeks ago

    The most important key for interpreting the scriptures is finding the world last ruling nation the book points to. In the Writ called Bible I see the United Sates of America as the one by following its instructions put precepts on precepts.

  • Why It's Written

    Why It's Written "In the Name 'Of' Jesus"

    7 months ago

    Jesus is not a Hebrew name, why isn’t his name Hebrew and what does the Bible and history tell us about the name Jesus.” NOTE: I use the KJV Bible.

  • Revelation Chapter Twelve

    Revelation Chapter Twelve

    5 months ago

    Christianity teaches the dragon's claiming a third of the stars and being kicked out of heaven was something happened pre-creation, they hadn't and the woman is its most important aspect.

  • What Atheist Means To Me!

    What Atheist Means To Me!

    19 months ago

    The concept of god is a major cause of man's choosing ignorant because it takes away the desire to be objective because of being afraid of hell's fire which is only a metaphor of civilization itself.


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