How can I earn money on this site?

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    Abel Okorieposted 10 months ago

    How can I earn money on this site?

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    Salty Sam 54posted 10 months ago

    Here is the information you need, Abel. … pages/2952

    Hope that helps. smile

  3. mygoblin profile image73
    mygoblinposted 10 months ago

    you won't earn. really. unless you already have like 400 well-written articles. it  takes years before someone actually gets a real amount so newbies in hubpages bring in a lot of effort w/o a thought in mind that they would actually earn. hubpages isn't a site to earn money. it's a site to enhance your writing as a hobby but Salty Sam 54's link would also help you get started. you need 10 articles before you can actually sign up to the earnings program if you don't have google adsense yet. with me, all the views on those first 10 featured articles that i have weren't carried over when i got qualified and signed up for the earnings program but the views after you sign up will already be counted.