Park real estate agents license in Ontario

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    bcristiniposted 6 years ago

    Real estate agents in Ontario will choose to park their real estate license because they have a personal change happening in their life.  The change could be serious, like an accident or sickness that prohibits them from working in realty sales.  Maybe it has nothing to do with them directly but to someone close to them that will need their support.  A real estate career in Ontario is very time consuming and painstaking with daily activities and hence helping a loved one may mean leaving real estate sales for an undetermined amount of time.

    Hopefully the Ontario real estate agent is thinking of leaving the sales business for a while for a much more positive reason.  Reasons like, maternity leave for a year or two, another career move in or out of the Province or Country, retirement, a well deserved sabbatical, an extended vacation, starting a family business, accepting a corporate job, or just plain old tired of selling real estate in Ontario and needs to get away from sales and take a break away from the hustle and bustle.

    Parking your real estate agents license in Ontario Canada is quite inexpensive.  These days, there are Brokerages offering this service popping up everywhere.  The prudent Ontario real estate agent will research his or her choices and should consider the longevity of existing license holding Brokerages before they join and register.

    When a real estate agent in Ontario decides to hang their realty license, they have really made the choice to keep their RECO registration in force and active so that it does not lapse and then eventually get terminated.  If this happens, that license is gone for good and to get it back means having to earn it all over again.

    If you are thinking of becoming inactive as an Ontario career real estate agent, look into parking it with the right Brokerage for you.  Choose a Broker that will support you even when you need to sell or buy real estate in Ontario for your own personal use.