Old Fashioned frugaglity tips

  1. pnavadom profile image49
    pnavadomposted 9 years ago

    Just because your parents have money  doesn't mean you should  not rely on it getting you any where. Things Change, economy changes you have to change.
    So in the Old Days when most parents were not in the high disposable income bracket
    you had to manage for yourself.
    We went to community college for two years to save money not because we were so concerned about getting in a Top school but we had to pay for it ourselves via workstudy ,savings and part time jobs.Chicago city colleges,as I am sure New york City Colleges had top professors from other schools I actually had a very well rounded introduction to liberal arts.Book were used,used and reused.
    The biggest waste in Education these days is not reusing  books.
    History doesn't change,math, accounting,English the basics
    I think kids should work part time jobs.To learn from the bottom up,to understand other people's maybe getting stuck in a dead end track .And you need to learn humility and getting along with all types of people.Kids should learn to take the bus and or train and go back to walking and bike riding.
    Go away to a good state school stay away from the Party schools you are their to learn Party on Vacation.Turn off the TV     learn to enjoy books and classical music  both can be rented free or low cost at a Library.
    First apartment---hit garage sales and thrift stores  Fresh paint and a little creativity
    can fill your apartment up.Split the rent, cook in as much as possible.
    Do not start out in a super expensive apartment you will never get ahead.
    Skip Cable look for free or low cost THINGS TO DO IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD
    Join a church and volunteer for something.Teach children how to read.
    Learn how to save money set a goal and pay yourself first.
    Save for a house.Buy only 2 times your income and no more than 28% of your take home pay.
    First house reclaim an old house ,old neighborhood and start small.
    Rehab with what you find ON SALE not the latest thing.
    Reuse real wood cabinets strip or fresh paint.
    Thrift stores and resale furniture stores are filled with unique treasures.
    Posters make Great Art.
    Fresh plants  Grow your own Garden
    Pay cash .
    Drive an older car or keep a car running for a long time.
    We seamed to have lost all common sense about money.
    Reuse,recycle and reclaim.

    1. rattano profile image54
      rattanoposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Yes I agree your post these type of  things mostly people  are ignore  but  we also think it's never  ignore thanks for sharing it ...


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