Going Extreme

  1. Majesta Antion profile image60
    Majesta Antionposted 6 years ago

    I have decided to join the world of Extreme Sports.  Now, for those of you that know me, this will come as a shock.  For you all who have never meant me, let me put it into perspective.  Any day that I can carry all of my groceries into the house without getting winded is a good day.  So, how am I going to survive in Extreme sports, you ask? I have started a serious training regimen.  I do finger stretches, push grocery carts, and have a trainer coming to work with me.  I will be a coupon clipping pro!  Soon stores will be paying me to shop.  I am going to be an Extreme Couponer!  Don't give me that look. It is too a sport!  Have you seen how competitive these women get?  And, sense stores will be paying me to shop, that classifies me as a pro.  I even have my own obi wan couponobi who is going to train me in her couponing ways.  Yes, one day the Golden Grocery Cart will be mine!

        Has anyone else hopped on board the Extreme Couponing grocery cart?