Why use a forex robot to make money for you?

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    bobkjoposted 10 years ago

    Are forex robots especially FAP Turbo any good?

    Or is it just another means of putting huge holes in you pockets. I personally use the software with the Metatrader platform in conjunction with various Expert Advisors (EAs) and wondered if this was just a re-hash of and old script and just another scam
    The ultimate goal of FAP Turbo forex software is to provide a tried and tested method for ordinary people who want to trade the global forex markets without having to understand all the charting and technicalities of the market. The robot operates automatically, the investor just needs to leave their computer turned on 24 / 7. If leaving you PC switched on permanently is not possible, a remotely hosted solution is recommended in the members area.

    The design is such that the trader needs no previous knowledge of forex trading - a simple installation process is all that is required. The 3 "nerd" programmers have made FAP Turbo forex trading software really easy to setup just a simple file download is required - then the host trading platform Metatrader (provided free by several brokers) takes over the trading activities, controlled by the FAP Turbo EA.

    Seems simple heh, you just leave your PC switched on and the robot software, in conjunction makes you a boatload of cash! as they say "BIG Money Is Made NOT By Working Hard But By Working SMART!"

    BUT HOLD on! there are several trading robots available for sale on the internet and depending on the configuration of these trading robots it is VERY easy to lose a lot of money too!

    Programmed by 3 IT geeks, Ulrich Mike and Steve, they took Marcus B. Leary's original FAP (Forex Auto-Pilot) coding and totally re-engineered it to create a much more stable solution with a built-in anti loss mechanism - a unique feature when compared to legacy forex trading robots.

    The new self contained rules have been fully tested using back test data to ensure profitability over a given time period. Further proof is demonstrated by the geeks by testing forward live trading.

    Take a look at their cash multiplication report:
        * 838% in just one month
        * 268% profit in just 32 Days
        * 329% profit in 90 Days

    With Metatrader you can open a demo account with dummy cash (eg $5000 or $10,000) in order to test you various robot's performance with foreign currency pairs eg. USD/CHF before risking real cash, but with FAP Turbo, the above figures were obtained using a LIVE account with REAL money, they have certainly put their money where their mouths are. YES! this is live data you can check out the live trading account statement - results are displayed on-screen and are refreshed every 15 minutes.

    But always remember regardless of a robot's previous success there is no guarantee of future success and bearing this in mind ALWAYS use a good money management strategy, this is essential to ensure that you "live to fight another day" and not blow all your hard earned cash.

    A clever addition is the "stealth" option that can be switched on or off, it hides all your "stop losses" and "take profits" form the broker so that they will never know when you plan to enter or exit a trade thereby ruling out any underhand tactics used by cheating brokers. It can also fake the actual stops and TP values visible to the broker again providing another level of safety to the trader - a cool safety valve.

    To conclude, this is the only robot I know of trading and displaying live real-time proof of the EA making REAL money, so therefore in my opinion is the the best forex trading robot, how many other trading robot vendors are willing to show you their bank balance, you might see some fake Photoshop'd screen shots - but how many live?

    Happy trading!....or not - if the robot does it for you :-)


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