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How to Get Pet Coupons and Maximize Savings With Them

Updated on December 10, 2012

Pet Food Coupons

Pet food coupons can be procured in a number of ways. The Sunday paper includes coupon books like Red Plum and Smart Source, which often include pet coupons. You may also purchase coupons on eBay or on specialty coupon sites. Swap coupons with your family and friends, and ask if they use the coupon books from their newspapers. I've known people who would regularly toss the whole thing out without even a glance. Another idea is to write to (or e-mail) the manufacturer of your favored pet food. Often, they are happy to send you a few coupons.

How to Save Money with Coupons

Here are some tips to follow once you have your coupons:

1) Apply your coupons to sales. It's better to look for the sales first, but most people are particular about the brand of food they buy, and they don't want to switch willy-nilly based on sales. This preference is probably best for your animal's health, but that's another topic. Anyway, you will save lots of money if you have a coupon, then apply it to an item that is already discounted. Make sure the sale price is really a bargain. Some stores will increase the "list price" and then offer a sale on that increased price.

2) Save up store credits which you will probably see on your last receipt. Apply those to the sales and use your coupons.

3) If you can, use more than one coupon on the same item. Combine different types of coupons (such as store coupons, sales paper coupons, and manufacturer coupons) on the same item.

4) Skip the kitty or dog treats, unless your coupons, sales, and other options allow you to get them for free.

5) If you are in poverty and you need temporary assistance, please look into a pet food pantry. Click here for an article about those.


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      Melissa Stewart 6 years ago

      Since winter is just around the corner we tend to stock up on the petmeds from 1800petmeds and always use coupons. We never buy anything online without searching for a coupon and found as a great pet coupon source.