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Trading Silver Futures

Updated on August 16, 2010

Trading Silver Futures

Investors who have an interest in trading silver futures definitely have a lot to consider, especially in the type of market environment that exists today. What a lot of people don’t know is that the price of COMEX silver has been manipulated for the longest time now, and it’s being done by only a couple of large bullion banks who hold an extremely over-leveraged short silver position. What’s been happening is that because the silver market is a relatively small market (in comparison to gold), any one entity holding a short position of tens of thousands of contracts can easily smash the price any time they please, and this is exactly what’s been happening. Recently, a London metals trader (AndrewMaguire) brought these details to the forefront when he agreed to be interviewed on King World News (one of my absolute favorite investment websites). He laid out the whole scenario that’s been happening in the silver market as of late, and even sent a series of emails to the CFTC predicting a price event that was scheduled for the day that Non-Farm Payroll information was to be released in February of 2010. He gave them the play-by-play BEFORE the event even happened, he communicated with them while it was happening, and then sent them a summary of what happened after it happened. The response from the CFTC? Nothing. How much longer can we allow the fox to guard the hen house? And do you know what Maguire got for his courageous act of integrity? An attempt on his life in the form of a hit-and-run driver sideswiping him in London only a few days after his whistleblowing interview hit the airwaves.

Image courtesy of Google Images
Image courtesy of Google Images

Silver Futures Trading

I could spend about ten hubs worth of time on all this stuff, but I’ll spare you for now. Those who are interested in just how extremely under-priced silver really is, and who would want more information on silver from the standpoint of the Commitment of Traders report, would do good to check out TedButler’s website ( Ted is internationally acclaimed as one of the foremost experts on silver, and from his point of view, silver has really only one way to go from here, and that’s WAYYYYUP. I could go into the myriad of details as to why this is true—and believe me, there’s tons of facts and figures to support this—but I’ll spare you the details and encourage you to check them out for yourself on websites such as, (where Butler does a Weekly Metals Wrap audio interview) and Believe me, there are benefits in knowing how the markets REALLY work, and knowing the real driving forces behind the price of silver. I’m not gonna lie, trading silver futures is a risky affair, so you better make sure that you’re using options to protect your positions. Don’t go the cheapo route and try to “go commando” in volatile markets such as these. Make sure you have a good trading plan with stop-loss points already in place. I have so much to say about this whole silver market fiasco going on right now, but I’ll have to save it for when I have more time to hammer out a REALLY long hub about all of it. In the meantime, I encourage you to check out the sites I mentioned and BUY SOME PHYSICAL SILVER.


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