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Updated on May 21, 2012

Looking for a bank that provides interest checking and savings accounts online. Ally Bank is one internet bank that does provide several financial products including interest checking, high yield CDs, high yield money market account and savings accounts with high rates. Their banking services and accounts come with no monthly fees as well as free online bill pay. You can gain access to your account at their banking website at

Ally Bank is member FDIC and they offer interest checking, online savings accounts, money market and CDs. Their customer service is available 24/7. One of their banking strategic premises is to provide the financial products and services that bank customers want without the penalities or hidden fees. They are no minimum balances or deposits required. Upon visiting there website, they provide information about their history, background and philosphy. The website is also easy to navigate and find the information you want to find.

Ally Bank Information

One of the things you may notice at their website, which is where you get an impression of what you might be dealing with, is their stated claims of customer concern and satisfation. They claim 24/7 service and you can access them at 1-877-247-ALLY. There are many internet banks with online banking products and services, so it is only prudent to do a little research to find an off-line or online bank where you will be most comfortable. Some people want the warm and fuzzy of customer service and others just want to get the highest interest rates on their checking accounts, savings account, money market account or CDs, certificate of deposit. Whatever your motivation, look around and ask questions so you can find the bank that is best for your online banking and financial needs. From the bank's website you can create your online banking account and get access to manage your assets.

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