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Updated on May 26, 2012

Chase Sapphire Credit Card

You may be looking for information on this rewards credit card from Chase. The personal finance product provides some unique features and benefits that other rewards cards may not offer. The official website is at, where you can apply for the rewards credit card online. If you already have a ChaseSapphire card account you can login and sign on to manage your account online and access your balance, view transaction activity, learn more about your rewards and how to redeem your reward points. Chase account services is always available to help card members.

As you enter and access their official website for the Chase Sapphire credit card it is apparent they have set out to provide a quality product for consumers. As you might expect, the site from JP Morgan Chase, does its best to make the card look appealing. What is interesting, is the features and benefits that this Chase reward card outlines for their card members. They feature no blackout dates on holidays or any days. This in itself can be a significant advantage for travellers who want to be able to use their points whenever they choose. Other key benefits of the Chase Sapphire card are unlimited rewards, points that never expire, unrestricted airline travel and any reward at anytime. This might warrant a good look to see if this is a personal card that will fit your needs.

You can choose from two different rewards cards, the Chase Sapphire and the Chase Sapphire Preferred, which has all of the benefits of the standard card plus additional enhanced benefits. The account comes with their "Blueprint" service which is a set of financial tools and resources to help you manage your finances. Some of the additional benefits include travel related enhancements such as trip cancellation insurance, auto rental collision damage waiver, travel accident insurance, trip delay, lost luggage reimbursement, baggage delay and travel and emergency services. Read the notice at their site on the complete features and benefits that come with the ChaseSapphire credit card. You can apply online for a new card or switch to this card from another Chase creditcard, at their website.

Customer service number is 877-697-5422.

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      George Tung 7 years ago

      Looks like there's no way to sign up for the special offer of earning 5 points per dollar on eligible travel purchases using your web site.