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Do Germany Want To Take Over Europe?

Updated on July 24, 2012

Europe Takeover

Germany it seems are the leaders of Europe,they are dictating to the struggling Spain and Greece as they attempt to overcome their Euro woes as they and other Euro members continue the bail out.

Are Germany plotting to take over Europe or have they always intended to take over the sovereign Nations and gain fiscal control over the member states of the European Union.

European Single State

Brussels, the seemingly quiet Belgian city is the bona fide base of the EU. Here the zealots that are intent on creating a single state to rule over are having their task made easier, as the euro crisis grips the weaker countries tightening the screw on their weak economies.It is Germany who are constantly leading the bail-outs and driving home their authority with its own strong economy.

The German leader Angela Merkel is utterly obsessed with saving the euro and is constantly insistent of a new EU treaty that would give Brussels vast powers over the taxes and spending policies of the member Nations.

The Euro has destroyed Spain and Greece, it has taken democracy away from the once proud Nations.Despairingly bankrupt,adverse to austerity and change, it is apparent no amount of cash , euro, peseta, or drachma will rescue the "club med".Brussels and Angela Merkel think a central government will; as she insists a closer integration is the answer.

Maastricht Treaty

Today Britain's independence and sovereignty is at the mercy of the fanatical Eurocrats.When the then Prime minister Edward Heath signed Britain into the common market the electorate were not fully aware of the facts.

The British public regarded the common market as a trading zone(single market) which would have benefited Britain, as coal was becoming a serious pollution threat, and raw materials diminishing.

We now know Heath and the government lied all along, there was another plan as revealed twenty years later in the Maastricht Treaty. The plot was to have a centrally governed country called Europe, that would be divided into regions with no States or Nations.

This was a plan of individuals, their own dream. Do they really care about bankrupt countries,bribery, corruption and lies.

All the rules have now been broken, there are no rules.Only the impending rule of Europe by a central government.

German Economy

Germany has the strongest economy of the European members.They have a sound basis with many manufacturing industries and strong exports.The four trillion economy is the world's fourth largest and after they have the most billionaires and largest gold reserves after the US.

The weak euro will have helped the Germany economy, but it is not their fault the Southern countries have not worked as hard and apparently shot themselves in the foot; and central banks have been more of a cause, than a remedy to the situation.

Germany may or may not have the financial clout to rule, but it did not stop the bankrupt Nation of the 1930's attempting to rule Europe. Since then, Helmut Khol and now Angela Mekerl are ensuring Germany can still rule Europe by winning the economic war. Third time lucky?

No More EU

Even today Britain is being bullied into pouring millions of pounds more into the black hole that is the EU,money that Britain and its people should be benefiting from.

This is a sheer waste as Britain will never benefit from the corrupt cesspit of the Union of catastrophe.

We now know this is the time to reform and the country should demand a referendum to get out of EU and end this sham and bureaucratic nightmare.

The Future Of Europe?

The foundations were laid with the help of Conservative PM Edward Heath now we are relying on another Conservative David Cameron , who must resist any new treaties on this crumbling Union. Let us hope it is not a Conservative policy all along and history repeats itself and he also sells out his country.

Without doubt Germany wants to dominate Europe, politically and economically.The successful and proud Nation does not want to be brought down by the failure of others(the club med).They have always seen themselves as the true leaders of Europe and Britain now faces a new battle.This should start with the Government allowing the foot soldiers the vote, and dump this toxic waste for ever.

Should We Demand A Referendum For Britain To Leave The EU?


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    • CHRIS57 profile image

      CHRIS57 5 years ago from Northern Germany

      Well, 10 years ago Germany was the sick man of Europe, already written off. Now things look different and all is a long term plot of aggressive German politics? Come on, you can´t be serious.

      Before introduction of the EURO, Germany was competitive and with the EURO Germany is. With reunification the economy was struggling a little but overcame all obstacles by impelementing tough "Agenda 2010" structural reforms. The past 30 years brought along a gradual buildup of current accounts in favour of Germany. Today this pile of money is more than 2 Trillion Euro high and growing. About half of that was accumulated by trading within the EU.

      All measures and actions by Mrs. Merkel are simply to protect that Jackpot, some 1,2 Trillion Euro (almost 750 Billion in Target2 held by the Bundesbank, 250 Billion collateral of taxpayers money and the rest with private banks). The problem is not that Germany wants to take over Europe but that average German you and me doesn´t want to loose his pension fund or life insurance to hedonist way of life in the periphery. I am just being frank. Sorry to say so.