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11 Best Ways to Go Green This Summer

Updated on July 6, 2017

Going green is a phrase that’s becoming more and more common in conversations, websites, television programs, in supermarkets and with different companies as people begin to recognize the depravity of the challenges of the environment. What does going green mean? What are some ways to go green this summer? Take a look at simple ways to accomplish this goal.

What does Going Green Mean?

Going green can mean different things to different people. Going Green is a gradual process of changing your lifestyle by using products that are considered to be green, choosing a more natural way of living vs what the majority of culture says and does. It focuses on utilizing everyday methods and means to help save the world and its environment.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Nation defines going green as simply taking steps to "conserve energy, reduce pollution and save money." It is reducing, reusing and recycling.

Ways to Have a Green Summer Living

1. Dry Your Clothes Outdoors.

This is not only a great way to go green this summer, but it also saves you a lot of money. Using a clothes dryer absorbs a lot of energy and heats up your house in the summer. The natural green way is to use clothesline. There are many types of clothesline. You can use line-and-pulley clothes line, umbrella clothesline or pole-to-pole. There are also retractable clothes lines can be easily installed on the side of your house or garage. Clothes will smell fresh as it dry naturally and will last longer. I prefer drying my clothes outside than using the dryer.

2. Collect rain water.

You can collect rain water by purchasing a rain barrel. A rain barrel is a great way to water all your indoor plants and outdoor plants, flowers, fruits and vegetable gardens. You can use rain water for almost anything like also washing your car.

You can buy these types of rain barrels at larger hardware stores, garden centers, and at commercial car washes it can be less expensive.

3. Beat the Heat

The Team at Botanical Paperworks states, 'staying cool in the summer can be expensive and causes additional pollution through increased demand on the coal fired power plants spread across the country.'

One way you can reduce your electric bill by using a programmable thermostat.

My family do not always use AC everyday all day in the summer, only on days when the temperature gets over 100 degrees for about 3-4 hours. We use our ceiling fans in every room of the house which can save greatly. Electric ceiling fans are about 90 percent more energy efficient than central air conditioning.

To stay cool without using air-conditioning, we take cool showers, placing a couple of ice cubes into every beverage and invested in an industrial strength fan.

Developing a life without AC can be done gradually. If you were in a foreign country, like Central America, South America, Asia, Africa, they usually use fans and are not used to the lifestyle of having air conditioning all the time.

4. Visit the farmers’ markets in your area.

Everything you purchase from the farmers markets taste fresher, richer than the fruits in supermarkets. This is a great way to live out the green lifestyle and also a great way for you to be part of your community and invest in local, family businesses.

More Helpful Tips to Go Green This Summer

Wood Pellet Grilling

5. If you planning a backyard barbecue to kickoff the summer, then there are few things you can do to have a green summer.

  • You can try electric Grills. According to Just energy blog, electric grills are 'more economical option, electric grills release 99% less carbon monoxide and 91% less carbon dioxide than grilling with traditional charcoal.'
  • With modern grills, there is a “natural gas” option. Natural gas burns have a lower carbon footprint than propane.
  • You can also chose to buy Greener Grills like pellet grills and hybrid grills, that accommodate small amounts of charcoal and wood.

6. With such wonderful weather for the summer, plan a daytime outdoor activity.

This can be a bike ride, swimming in the lake, a canoe trip, a pickup football, soccer or basketball game. You can also relax in your outdoor porch or rest in a hammock. You will be reducing the amount of Carbon dioxide you emit!

7. Use Plastic Containers instead of Sandwiches bags or brown bags.

If you have a family and on the road a lot for the summer, I would recommend reusable plastic containers for lunches, sandwiches, snacks instead of sandwich bags and brown bags. Or if you are going camping, hiking, spending time at the park, take reusable plastic containers because they are better than plastic bags. When shopping for the best plastic containers, look for a triangle with a number inside. This shows the plastic resin code.

8. Make it a habit to carry a reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water.

9. Shop with cloth bags- Why!!! (most grocery stores sell them now). According to Melissa L. on the website, states, "Paper bag production involves the use of chemicals and high temperatures, and it releases toxins into the atmosphere at nearly the same rate as plastic bag production. Also, the average reusable bag has a lifespan equal to that of more than 700 disposable plastic bags." Now that's amazing.

10. Utilize traditional forms of transport like, cycling, walking and or public transport.

Automobiles cause a lot of pollution and affects the environment and leads to health problems. Using a bicycle to commute, walking, using electric cars, electric motorcycles, electric trains, boats are all modes of green transportation and do not give out dangerous gases.

11. Start a Compost Bin

Starting a Compost Bin or Compose Pile helps to improve your property's lawn, your garden, landscape and it is a great way to get rid of the kitchen and yard waste efficiently. By composting all your food waste, you can save the atmosphere from 300 pounds of damaging carbon dioxide yearly.

The Simple Way to build a Compost Bin


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      Janellegems 2 months ago from United States

      Thank you Devika. I appreciate your feedback

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      Devika Primić 2 months ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      I like your ideas helpful in such times.

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      Janelle, thanks for this comprehensive article with suggestions for going green. Very useful!