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19 Ways and Tips to Create Healthy, Lifestyle for Your Family

Updated on November 17, 2022

Creating a Healthy Lifestyle is not only having healthy eating habits and exercise, but has to do with so many other factors. Here are some tips that all contribute to establishing a healthy lifestyle for your kids.


1. Eat together as a family as often as possible.- This is very good time to engage in wonderful conversation with your kids.

2. Model love, respect and care for your spouse. Children are often more at ease when parents are getting along with one another.

3. Create an atmosphere where your children feel loved and accepted and where mistakes are permitted, but an understanding that that there are certain consequences for breaking rules and demonstrate certain negative behaviors. You can praise your children when necessary and discipline when needed. Help them to establish a healthy view of themselves.

4. Create a place where they feel safe to share their problems, good days and bad days.


5. Some kids are spending too much time with the latest electronic product and entertainment. You can limit time spent on the TV, computer, internet, facebook and playing Video games so that all their time will not be consumed with these things.


6. Incorporate some sort of physical activity in your children’s lives- Plan activities and games that will give children a certain amount of exercise.

7. Encourage them to ride his/her bike, to get involved in playing baseball, football, soccer, basketball, swimming, jump rope, dance or other activities.

Tips for Healthy Home and Personal Healthy Habits


8. Have a Clean home and maintain it- You can encourage your kids help in maintaining a clean house and to keep their rooms clean and organized. You can also create a chore list that fits the age of your children. Some of them can help to sweep, vacuum and dust.


9. Brushing and flossing teeth at least twice a day to prevent cavities and have healthy teeth and gums.

10. Enforce washing hands with soap and water before each meal, after playing, after using the bathroom and playing with pets, either the neighbors or your own. This prevents your children from bacteria, germs, the cold or any illness.

11. A Good Night Sleep- Children should get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

Enforce Healthy Eating Habits

12. Start with breakfast- Smoothies, fruit (strawberries, blueberries oranges, apples, bananas, Yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, whole grain toast

13. Make sandwiches with bread and add some veggies.

14. Create fun healthy snacks- peanut butter with celery, toast with apple butter, carrots, broccoli with ranch dip, fruit, trail mix, almonds, granola and yogurt.

15. Limit snacks loaded with sugar and cause an increase in weight.

16. Cut down on fast food, frozen dinners, frozen treats and processed food.

17. Get rid or items with aspartame - Aspartame can cacause headaches, tiredness and depression. Some items are gums, mints, juices, some sodas, other drinks, yogurt, etc. It is best to read the label to see if this is included.

Be a Healthy Parent


18. Be a great example to your children and model healthy Habits. Begin slowly to change the way you eat, eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grain, fish less fatty foods and foods loaded with sugar.

Take time to have some form of exercise or participate in activities that enable your child to be more active.

19. Love Yourself – This does not mean being selfish or pampering yourself, but accept yourself in spite of failures, past, weaknesses, take care of yourself. don't be hard on yourself, forgive yourself, take care of your heart, body, mind and l


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