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A Horrifying Event

Updated on December 18, 2012

Justice has to be done

Justice, Law and Order
Justice, Law and Order


Dear readers, recently on Sunday 16th December 2012 a horrifying incident took place which has put a huge question mark on security of Women in India (and am sure will be around the globe). This incident took place in Delhi in southern part where a couple was on the bus along with five other people including the driver. All, beside the couple, were drunk and had allegedly beaten up the couple and knocked unconscious on the running bus. Later on this group raped the girl who is a 23-year old medical student when bus was still on the move. After assaulting for about an hour couple were thrown out of the running bus at about 9.15pm. Aghast!!!

After two days of search operation from the sketches with the help of 27 year old boy, from the couple, police found three accused out of five, two of them are still roaming around loose. Search operation is still going on which and lot of authorities have gotten into act to put this case on fast track and solve it as soon as possible, which is good. It was a little relief to see the police force and authorities in act.

Sympathizing or Promoting??

Later on I found a few videos to the related content which were very disturbing. First one was, celebrities arranged a press conference to address the issue; asking question, blaming the system, giving suggestion and so on. Well, being a role model to many, it’s good to raise question and all that they were doing. My concern is, is it appropriate to do with the movie banners and other advertisements on the walls behind them? What are they actually doing? Are they really concerned or just want to promote their new movies to be launched just by showing sympathy to what they are not concerned about at all.

This is an example. There are lot others too!

Please Stop Bragging and Start Acting

Another disturbing video which I came across immediately after it was, one of the police authorities bragging on the record which they have created by cracking the case so soon. I was shocked to hear something when they are not even the half way through, infact it’s the first step which they have taken. Now there will be politicians involved, which is already taken care of actually, local authorities will be involved and lot other non-sense will take place. After passing through all these interferences will they be able to help the couple get justice, which in some cases takes years.

The Very Day They Bragged

Adding to it, while a Lady News Reporter was attempting to raise questions and check the situation at the same location where this incident took place, a car stopped by having 3 boys in it who were talking pathetically to the reporter. Later on they got aware about the camera and drove the car away however they were caught on camera along with the number plate of the car and faces of each in it. It was the same day the police authority bragged about cracking the case on news channel which is 18th December 2012, two days after the horrifying event took place.

Solution Worth or Not???!!!

People all around the country are raising questions to the authorities, law and enforcement regarding the safety of women. Few of the authorities have even publicly stated the solution as there will special task forces allotted for the safety and security of women. Lot of us may think this can be the ultimate solution. Here again I would like to raise a question “Is it the best solution we can have that will solve this problem once and for all?” If you think ‘Yes’ is the answer then I would feel sad and awful. Having a special task force is not the ultimate solution as the root cause is the thinking and beliefs which are developed since we started to understand and learn. There is lack of respect in relations. Like relation with parents, with friends, relatives, in-laws and almost each and every relation you can think of. In this case people around the world have very conservative thinking about a boy-girl relationship which reflects on their behavior and whipped unto the third generation. This issue is discussed in my other Life Balance article Gender Perspective. Change the minds, train the minds to respect each and every individual on this planet and this can be done not only by teachers or parents but each every person surrounding one.

And those who still not understand and can’t respect prosecute them in between the public and sentence them the worst penalty possible in respective countries.



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    • nisargmehta profile image

      NISARG MEHTA 5 years ago from SURAT, Gujarat, India

      Thank you Rcrumple. I was shocked to see all these videos one after another and events like this one are not ending. Steps authorities take are not stopping such people at all. Sad and Awful to say this but sometimes I feel like not to be alive will be a better option rather than just sitting back and looking and hearing such things happening around us. However need to find a way out which is certainly not punishments after it occurs but preventing it from the roots will be better.

    • rcrumple profile image

      Rich 5 years ago from Kentucky

      The world is becoming so violent as respect is no longer a facet of society. This is indeed a horrific story, yet one that has duplicated closely many like it. The innocent of the world are finding themselves being attacked over and over again, and the criminals get bolder and bolder. These are not times for the naive. Eyes must be open to the possibility of evil at all times. I hope for a quick and applicable punishment for all the guilty. Very strong post!