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A Moment of Objective Reflection

Updated on February 5, 2011

A Moment of Objective Reflection

We are officially a “Sheepdom” and the final catalyst was the recent shooting tragedy in Arizona. The Fourth Estate (Media) has officially made Political Correctness the new Gospel trying to fashion a reality to fit their perverted narrative. Case in point, yesterday, on CNN, one of their hosts almost had a coronary because he inadvertently used the word, ‘bull’s eye.’ The heartfelt contrition by the CNN reporter followed… as if he had deliberately murdered babies – oops that’s legal now, but that’s a debate for another day. Most of the pundits of the Fourth Estate have been having a field day by waxing poetic about the dangers of the political discourse of those on the Right… because, apparently, only their listeners are prone to be influenced and engaged in anti social behavior. As a consequence, words like ‘bull’s eye’ and the like are being excised out of the political dictionary, and people like me who enjoy Glenn Beck, Governor Palin, and O’reilly are now officially suspect. By the way, I am thinking about convoking a class action law suit against the owners of the ‘God-Father’ movies for using the “N” word because I think those movies have influenced some to commit violent crimes.

I would be laughing if it were not a page out of George Orwell’s 1984…. and the conspicuous irony is that the Left, who once spewed the platitude, fascists, are now themselves the fascists. I am currently in the process of clearing out my Guns & Roses CDs; I was also in the bonding process of introducing my daughter to the classic cartoons… you know… the ones with all those shoot em up scenarios. I wonder if I have to throw out my Quentin Tarantino movies, because, surely, they are more violence in those movies than any so called code words used by Governor Palin or Glenn Beck. Has anyone noticed that if the Religious Right complains about the contents of a given movie… that many members of the Fourth Estate come to the defense of the denizens of Hollywood? Can anyone really believe that the violent video games and many of our movies my wife and I try to police… so that our daughter does not see, are less dangerous than the political discourse on talk radio? We are indeed living in a Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone episode when Al Sharpton, of all people, is chastising us about discourse – does anyone does research anymore?!.

In the coming years, we will see our President and the Secretary of the Treasury attending the G-8 meetings… and like the past meetings attended by the world economic powers, we will see hooded left wingers engaging in bedlam. The Fourth Estate will witness this and ignore it because those hooded ‘protesters’ are deemed to be Proletarians fighting for the underclass. There are those of us who have forgotten that someone in Hollywood once made a movie about assassinating President George Bush - but of course, that was “Art.” Our current President was a Senator, whose district encompassed the South Side of Chicago – one of the most violent enclaves in the world per capita… I wonder what political discourse… compelled the ongoing bloodletting and wanton crime sprees - I supposed Glenn Beck, Governor Palin, and Bill O’reilly are really big in those neighborhoods. Could it be that Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, and Eminem are all accessories to all the murders and rapes on the South Side of Chicago and, perhaps, elsewhere? There is still hope though to bring these pop icons to justice… after all, murder has no statute of limitation.



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