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A Response To 'Greed Is A Decision Of Sincerity' by Somethgblue - Is Money The Root Of All Evil?

Updated on October 15, 2012
Is money the root of all evil?
Is money the root of all evil?

Where The Truth Lies

This hub is a response to Greed Is A Decision Of Sincerity by Somethblue.

Greed is everywhere. Ask yourself what money is and why we actually need it. We managed to survive without currency before it had been invented so why do we need it now?...

because of greed, that's why!

As pointed out in the original article greed is something which our society has ultimately become conditioned by. Establishment is based on maintaining control of the general public and government and society is a set of compartmentalized departments that use influence, persuasion and manipulation in order to keep their overall system running smoothy.

Ask yourself the question who governs the government?

Obviously the 'government' is a huge operation and is controlled from the inside by hidden authoritive puppet-masters that remain behind the scenes. Everything else is just a front to the public.

It is true that money is power and if you take a closer look at a UK £50 note you will see the quotes from the relevant parties illustrated stating:

"I have here Sir what every man in the world desires to have... power"


"I can think of nothing else but this machine"

The quotes speak for themselves.

The Pyramid

Wherever you go in life there is a pyramid.

For example, when you first begin work or a career in life you must start at the bottom and work your way up. You work hard to get promoted to gain a higher position and higher salary, you work to gain respect by climbing your way through these opportunities closer and closer to the top of the pyramid... but the higher you get the thinner the pyramid gets meaning there are less of those above you than there are below - there is less room for people.

So who are those people, or maybe even just that one person, who is sat at the top of the pyramid? Who are the elite that are in control of the organization, corporation, company, establishment? Answer: They are the hidden few that maintain control over the many.

Everything works on a pyramid scheme with those at the top having control of those below.

Money, seflishness and greed when combined form power and that is what the system is essentially about - power, not money. Money/currency is a man-made system that can be used to easily attain that power.


Despite society being conditioned to remain contained within the context set out by a hidden elite, and all companies and organizations aswell as the general public having to follow out rules, laws, enforcements and regulations we are living within the confines of an establishment which seeks to pass the blame onto us for environmental consequences.

Ridiculously large volumes of money are being spent on researching advancement of technology, manufacturing of satellites, production of rockets, weapons, vehicles, machinery, etc. Yet when the general public turn on their television sets they are being bombarded with adverts from charities asking them to make donations to help resolve the problems in the world... problems which would not exist if it wasn't for greed!


As pointed out by move director Aaron Russo and proven by many other people, there are plans in existence to introduce an electronic currency by 2029. The plan is to reduce the world's population by 85% and have the remaining 15% implanted with RFID chips. These chips would then be used to regulate an electronic currency which can be tracked - everybody will be tied up to the machine. Those who fail to pay their taxes could end up having their chip switched off and will no longer be able to buy or sell - they will have to rely on barter.

We will have become slaves to the system which essentially would just be a computer. Humanity would become slaves to the machines!

Sound familiar?

Money and greed are about power and control.

Tied Up To The Big Machine

You are just a number, just a statistic numbered by and tied up to the system. Everyone needs to be able to prove who they are but what about the people that become caught in the loopholes of such a system. A homeless person with no identification documents, which could be a cause of any wide variety of circumstances, cannot prove who they are... therefore they cannot get any help from the government, they cannot even get a crisis loan. And then how do they even attain identification documents if they have no way of proving who they are in the first place?

Without indentification in the UK you are nothing - the system doesn't care about you. But then imagine the further problems you would have to endure if somehow finding accommodation. They ask you for proof of address but won't provide you with the necessary documentation in order to be able to do so and you can't get the address changed on your legal documents because you don't have proof of your address. Someone with no identification cannot get a bank account and therefore most likely won't have any kind of utility bills in their name as a result which prevents them from attaining the legally necessary documentation in order to prove who they are. The system ties people up in knots.

Health & Welfare or Hell & Warfare

Recently I have personally experience what I can only refer to as hell and warfare in the UK. This was despite turning to the health and welfare system for help. Despite suffering with depression, anxiety and mental anguish which I had been prescribed medication and counseling for and then being made homeless, the UK government simultaneously decided that I was fit enough to go out to work and cut off all of my income.

Why was this?

Because the UK welfare system has targets to reach in order to reduce outgoing money, even Jobcentre staff are given targets of having to sanction so many claimants each week if they are to keep their jobs. On average in UK 32 people die each week after being kicked off sickness benefits. This is perpetrated via a disinformation project disguised as ATOS Healthcare who pass on disinformation within medical reports to the Department for Work and Pensions who then sanction sickness benefit claimants due to these reports.

New legislation regarding housing has just been introduced in the UK after the formation of a coalition government. The new housing rules have seen a 37% increase in the amount of homeless people in the UK. Those that are single and aged under 35 basically have no chance of being able to afford accommodation in the UK unless they are in full-time employment. Homeless people are turned away by councils, bond schemes, hostels, night shelters and more despite them all claiming to offer help.

But whilst they're leaving homeless people sleeping rough on the streets, they are also expecting these people to make ridiculous amounts of calls to 0845 numbers that cost a fortune from phone box - the system is taking advantage of the weak and vulnerable. All communication now has to be done either by phone or online - look online and they give you the phone number!

This is greed at it's finest!


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    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks for the comments. Barnsey you have just reminded me of a few nore points I wish to include in this hub. Look out for an update within the next few days.

    • Barnsey profile image

      Barnsey 6 years ago from Happy Hunting Grounds

      A system that is made to keep you down. Not too different here in America with its many catch 22 situations. Need money for a car so you can get to a job because you need money to pay your bills? Where do you get that money if you cant get to a job to pay for that car? Ever wonder why there is so much crime in America? That should answer that questin for ya. Desperate times breed desperate men, who are bred by the system which claims to revile them. Is it the veritable snake swallowing its own tail?

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Hey thanks for sharing your recent experiences with greed although you have been a victim of it and also for listing your Hubs at the end.