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Greed is a Decision of Sincerity

Updated on February 24, 2017


Photoshop is so much fun!
Photoshop is so much fun! | Source

Barter System

The Barter System is a lesson we as a species have forgotten, this is due to an educational system that is bought, paid for and controlled by the Banking System. My Geography textbook in college was published by the World Bank which described countries by their financial well being. For example how many cell phones, internet access, cars and computers per 100 families, this is not an accident. These countries were not described by climate, geography, lakes, rivers systems, mountains or other natural landmarks but on money!

In centuries past the World primarily operated on the Barter System, not paper promises and credit, all transaction were backed by something solid. A herd of horses, land, livestock or a bushel of apples were used in exchange for a pulled tooth by a Dentist, a table and chairs by a carpenter, or clothing and shoes.

This Barter System slowly evolved into these goods being backed by gold or silver and eventually into paper promises or money but always backed by something solid such as gold or other precious metals. Eventually this allowed those with substance to acquire credit based on collateral, something solid, a parcel of land, a pending harvest or a herd of horses.

Eventually the debtor system moved beyond the supply of gold and the paper money system became the standard, yet this was based on the ability and confidence that the debtor would be willing and able to pay his debt.

Now it is normal for every person even without any collateral to be given credit and go into debt beyond his ability to repay the loan. This gross misuse of the banking system has lead to many financial disaster including but not limited to the Housing Crisis. Consider for a moment that the Mafia doesn't even charge the kind of interest that Credit Card Companies are legally allowed to charge their customers and you understand the criminal behavior that is being condoned.

This is unfettered Greed at its American finest, couple with the tendency to allow anyone financial aide and most College students graduate with insurmountable debt before they have even gotten their first job.

The Great Depression was created specifically to allow those with the money to create an economy based on nothing and charge interest on that nothing, we as a society have been living that lie ever since.

This house of cards exists today in which extension after extension is given to countries that have no hope of repaying the loans, just as the bankruptcy of the Great Depression was ignored, so to are the endless bailouts and extensions that will never be repaid.

Making A Choice

In this article Greed is a Decision of Sincerity , I am asking all fellow Hub writers that read it to create their own Hub on the topic of greed and how it has affected their lives personally, a theme that begs to be discussed.. Those that choose to write an article on this topic should arrange the words in this title into their own title as way of linking it to this article.

Hub Pages is a great environment for like minded people of the World to discuss and share information, there are very few trolls on this site and for the most part it is very well behaved group of intellectually stimulated writers sharing a vast and diverse philosophy.

I picked this subject because I know that Greed has affected everyone that lives on this planet in one form or another and because I recently read an article on David Wilcock's site Divine Cosmos in which he discusses a way of eliminating Greed.

The article FINANCIAL TRYANNY reveals the efforts of a 122 nation alliance that is determined to free the Earth from Financial Tryanny.

The article discusses the efforts of these countries that have grouped together in order to wipe out the stranglehold the Federal Reserve has not only on the American people but all people Worldwide. The basic theme is to return all money to a system that is backed by gold. All currently held assets will be honored but any new transactions will have to be backed by hard currency backed by colateral. No longer will loans be made on transparent money, which is what is basically happening at the moment.

Now I am not going to rewrite the article for you, you can read it for yourself from the link I have provided but suffice to say this is already in the works and has been for sometime.

The idea is that we here at Hub Pages have become the new investigative journalists of our era, as we can no longer trust the mainstream media to provide trustworthy and informative topics for the publics consumption. Hub Pages through their version of integrity and standards have created a site that is a source of well written, informative, well researched articles that are beginning to be taken quite seriously by a large audience.

We Hub writers have the responsibility, ability and forum to take on the subjects that our fellow writers of the mainstream media simple will not touch. We can write articles that are never seen in the mainstream media and because Hub Pages demands that we follow their principles, guidelines and rules the articles are very informative, creative and well written.

Let's face it folks Greed and Vice lead to the destruction of the Roman Empire and unless we wish to repeat history we must modify our social and financial structure so that everyone has a chance to contribute to the Human Race and make a difference.

To become consciously aware of what we are up against and who the leading players are in this contest to get our money, I have compiled a list and provide a brief description of each. Perhaps knowing who gets the most of our money will help you decide who should get the least of it. I hope this article will shed some light on those that do not have our best interest heart and should be given the least.

The World is facing every increasing climate change, natural disasters, food, crop and energy shortages but the Greed Revolution starts and ends with You!

Dollar Sign

The ultimate symbol of American Greed
The ultimate symbol of American Greed | Source

Wealth Care

The symbol of the AMA is now portrayed in the color gold and rightfully so, another symbol of American Greed.
The symbol of the AMA is now portrayed in the color gold and rightfully so, another symbol of American Greed. | Source


Is Greed truly the root of all evil?

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Symbol of Greed

 A symbol of Greed!
A symbol of Greed! | Source

Financial Tyranny

Health Care

Or Wealth Care as I prefer to call it is the greatest money maker in the United States, a country that prides itself on its standard of living. Wealth Care and the subsidiary companies such as Big Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, Wholesale, Medical Equipment and Products accounts for a whopping 16.28 % of all the money making industries on the Fortune 500 list.

The Wealth Care System is designed for an endless amount of customers by poisoning our food, water and air. Has anyone besides myself ever wondered why so many older members of our society that have worked hard and saved their money all their lives rarely get to spend it and end up spending it on themselves staying alive from a variety of ailments.

These diseases and ailments are design to affect our immune systems over a period of time, so that they build up in our systems and when we reach retirement age which is when we are at our weakest they manifest themselves. The elderly that are unable or unwilling to work are systematically eliminated.

The third leading cause of death in America comes from diseases that are received during hospital visits, doctor misdiagnosis and infection from hospital visits. Staying alive sells itself as most Americans are taught since childhood to fear death!

Oil Companies

Oil Companies and their subsidiaries are the second most profitable industry in America, including but not limited to, Crude Oil Production, Oil and Gas Equipment, Utilities: Gas and Electric, Petroleum Refining, Pipelines and other Energy. This industry has had a stranglehold on American energy for 150 years and does not allow for other alternative energy inventions and ideas to grow, a virtual monopoly.

These companies cause massive amounts of pollution and create products that are not biodegradable, such as plastics. Had Marijuana been allowed to be legal it could have completely replaced the plastic and small metal manufacturing companies such as tin cans and plastic containers for food.

Seven out of the top 20 largest International companies are Oil Companies and they are Exxon Mobile, Royal Dutch Shell, Petro China, Petrobras, Gazprom, Chevron and Total.

Banking Institutions

Eight out of the top twenty of the Worlds largest International companies are banks, is this a surprise, it shouldn't be. They are JP Morgan Chase, HSBC (UK), ICBC (China), Citigroup, BNP Paribas (France), Wells Fargo, Banco Santander (Spain) and China Construction Bank.

These means that of the top twenty largest companies in the World 15 are either Banks or Oil Companies, still think that our governments have any real control in our World . . . get real!

The banking empires basically control commerce on an International level and have the ability to literally bankrupt any country that does not follow their rules. This allows the large conglomerates companies owned by the banks to run rough shod on International law.

Federal Reserve

The connection the Federal Reserve has to these corporations is obvious as they control all the money that runs the World. Eighty percent of all the World's profits are earned by a mere 1,318 corporations of which are owned by 147 companies of which 75 percent are financial institutions.

Of the 147 companies that own these 1,318 corporations that basically run the World's financial systems many of the Federal Reserve personnel work for these companies. They are basically loaning our money to themselves and then handing out loans to us and charging us interest on them, it is beyond absurd.

The whole system is basically a house of cards in which no one dares speak against as it will lead to their immediate demise, this includes Presidents, Heads of Corporations, the Media, Foreign Rulers and Heads of State.

No one is immune to this Greed and everyone that is in the know realize this.

Pharmaceutical Companies

These companies made a whopping 65 BILLION dollars last year only five billion less than Oil Companies and nine of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies are pharmaceutical companies.

Johnson and Johnson was ninth on the list followed closely by Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway then Proctor and Gamble followed by Pfizer at 21st. Eli Lilly was in 29th place, UnitedHealth Group at 32nd, Amgen at 33rd, United Technologies at 37th and CVS Caremark came in at 47th.

A study conducted by Dr. Marcia Angell, the former editor for New England Journal of Medicine, reveals that 14% of their budgets go into developing new drugs, the rest goes into marketing. A common theme used by these companies is to change an already existing drug by as little as one molecule, reintroduce it through marketing to the public and reap the profits.

Another common money maker for Big Pharma is livestock feed, such as feed for chickens. A recent study revealed that Pfizer (one of the top nine) has been putting arsenic in their chicken feed to allegedly kill parasites and stimulate faster growth.

They would then take the chicken droppings and reconstitute it into cattle feed claiming that the arsenic would then be excreted by the cattle and would not affect the meat of either animal. The FDA recently proved this was not the case and although Pfizer has stopped this practice in America has refused to do so in other countries that do not have strict regulations.

Arsenic causes a wide range of health problems in humans that can be treated by . . . yes you guessed it pharmaceuticals!

The American Medical Association

The AMA which was founded in 1847 and incorporated in 1897, is basically own by who else the Federal Reserve. Their stated mission is to promote the art of the science of medicine for the betterment of public health.

However since they basically regulate the Big Pharmaceutical companies which are owned by the Banking Institutions then it would make sense to make sure these regulations are passed in the favor of Big Pharma.

Where does the AMA get the majority of their funding, from the Carnegie Institute and Rockefeller Foundations and have been since their inception.

The Educational System

I'm going to give you three guesses who created the National Education Association and the first two don't count . . . right again the Federal Reserve!

This is where we implore our students to use critical thinking and then indoctrinate them with lies to brainwash them into conforming to the corrupt system as a means of supporting corporate America.

Here is a quote from a recently released document found in the archives of the initial Carnegie endowment back in the early 1900s.

"The only way to maintain control of the population is to obtain control of Education in the United States."

Media Consolidation

General Electric, Walt Disney, News Corp, Time Warner, Viacom and CBS basically run the United States media and are interconnected in their absolute domination of the five main distribution areas television, cable, print, telecom and radio.

They control everything we read, hear and see from beginning to end and generate a huge propaganda machine that supports the corrupt system through lies and manipulation.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2003 that TV News stations were not required by law to tell the public the truth opening the door for these companies to make the story up as they go.

Not one TV, Radio or Newspaper covered this story in the United States!

The Rockefellers

This family has a storied history within the United States. John D. Rockefeller created and owned Standard Oil which he began in 1870, long before the first Model-T's were even built. By controlling the railroad industry through rebates he was able to eliminate his competition by either buying them out or forcing them to sell. By 1880 he controlled over 95% of all the oil produced in the U.S. and soon became the nations first Billionaire.

John D. showing fortuitous insight began masking his immense wealth into a series of shell corporations and trust's as early as 1892 but even then, after bankrupting many of his fellow citizens, he was sued in 1906 by the Federal Government for violating the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. This actually lead to even more wealth as the break up allowed him to own shares in 33 'different' companies.

A list of some of these companies may surprise you Mobil Oil Corp., Amaco Corp., Chevron, and Exxon. Here are some other names of companies that were created from that break up Atlanta Richfield, Pennzoil and the Union Tank Car Company.

The break up of Standard Oil, ironically was the catalyst for America's first Billionaire to spread his fortune into a wide variety of fields and begin to dominate American politics. John D. became the architect of the Federal Reserve System and along with the Rotheschild Banking Empire soon owned America.

Over 100 years of Greed has allowed the Rockefeller family to virtually own America.

Consider the formation of some institutes that are viewed by the common man as designed to benefit mankind and you will understand the Rockefellers ownership of America, this includes but is not limited to the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research (est. 1901), the General Education Board (est. 1903), the University of Chicago (est. 1889), the Rockerfeller Foundation (est. 1913) and the Lincoln School (est. 1917).

The Rothschild Family

I'm going to give you just one guess which family made the initial investment that lead to the creation of Standard Oil, right again the Rothschild owned Bank of Cleveland. Their banking empire began as far back as 1744 in Frankfurt, Germany.

By gaining insider information on the battle of Waterloo the Rothschild Family was able to essentially buy the British Empire by controlling their money. Learning a valuable lesson from that event they staged and financed the French and American Revolutions and every major War since then.

This wanton disregard for human life and Greed has allowed this family to run the World's finance systems for nearly 300 years.

Often linked with 'Freemason' Secret Societies this family actually staged the Anti-Semite Movement World wide. By creating events that create outrage in the public eye they have been able to manipulate mankind through wars, revolutions, drought, crop shortages, famine and disease and then offer a solution, at a price of course.

By allowing their frontmen to practice religions other than the Jewish faith such as the Morgans' and Rockefellers' they have managed to deflect their ties to the 'Jewish Conspiracy'.

This has allowed them to create and finance endless Wars and Revolutions, including but not limited to the American Civil War and both World Wars.


Certainly Greed is not limited to America alone, however considering events such as Black Friday created specifically to target middle Americans to get the 'best' deals by spending money many of them simple do not have, it is clear that the American public is lead by their own selfish Greed.

Credit is afforded every American regardless if they have the ability to pay it back, as way of continuing the selfish Greed that has been conditioned into America for generations. This confidence game will continue unabated until 'We The People' put and end to it.

The American public must be at the forefront of the Greed Revolution and stop this endless shell game that creates financial stress and has been the ruin of many a marriage and family for over a hundred years.

I am often asked . . . "Yeah but what can one person do?"

My answer is always the same stop using Credit Cards, pay them off or lower the balance so that they can be paid off anytime with a small bill (less than 100.00 dollars) and use only cash. Stop living paycheck to paycheck and accumulating useless junk that you only use once.

Find and use alternative energy sources, quit supplying the Wealth Care System with an endless amount of money for ailments that can be cured with simple remedies. Home School your children and learn to live on less.

Sell your TV and eliminate cable bills, the cable empire only exists because you are willing to pay for it.

Buy one car, pay it off and repair it when necessary. Begin to live a frugal lifestyle, start a garden, reunite your families by being generous, not by trying to change them but accepting them for exactly who they are.

Families allow for principles, morals and ethics to be practiced, hey it has worked for the Mafia and Gypsies for hundreds of years.

Why do you think these two groups of people have been hounded ruthlessly for centuries?

Because of their strong family ties!

Why do think a movement in the sixties of free love and drugs was created?

To break up the American family as this was recognized as the one main power standing in the way of Greed and Vice.

Greed is just one of the Seven Deadly Sins but in a capitalist society is the most destructive.

I tried to keep this topic short and still reflect on all the main events and points that has lead to the situation that we currently find ourselves in. I left out the incredible waste of resources and Greed involved in the American Defense Budget ( it deserves its own hub article) in which billions of dollars go unaccounted for yearly. Hopefully those that read this article will be able to find useful and interesting topics within this article to create their own Hubs on the topic of Greed.

For me Greed is a Decision of Sincerity because I abhor the concept of money and yet must live in our society and remain a burden to no one while trying to give as much as I can to my fellow human. That is why I refuse to lend my friends or family money and simple give it to them while asking nothing in return.


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