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Government Debt and Health Reform, the Solution is in our Hands

Updated on August 3, 2012

With each day passing our national debt increases


A message from the people to all those self serving, thoughtless, greedy power mongering politicians: Stop the pork barrel back door Ponzi scheme deals, stop the campaigning to win over special interest votes and stop spending money we don't have. Just because you can doesn’t make it right! Release your grip on our hard earned tax dollars, do the peoples work and simply do the right and moral thing!

I know politicians feel we are uneducated peasants that can't think for ourselves and of course our Federal government knows what's right for us. With this being said, spending 1trillion plus dollars for more bureaucracy to regulate our HMO's, health insurance and other special interest industries is not the answer in solving our health care cost problems. Sweet and short, the answer is not in federal health intervention through more governmental regulation, but instead a marketplace that provides a competitive supply and demand model. However our government could legislate to subsidize health care for those in need as opposed to reforming our entire health care system.

This help does not mean changing our national HMO's and insurance policies to the point it breaks what's already working. Let the government instead focus on Medicaid to provide health care services for those that cannot afford, or who are without health insurance. And while they’re at it, fix the problems that exist in Medicare before they take on anything larger. Otherwise, it's more cost to us the tax payer!

The ultimate solution to reducing heath care costs is in ill-health preventative practices and education. To me this is so obvious and could be done at a fraction of the now proposed cost of health care reform. In other words, provide more ill-health prevention, activity and nutritional education to our children. And then don't stop there. Continue these educational services and programs throughout the entire adult lifespan, including incentives to maintain a fit-healthy mind-body lifestyle.

I just don't get why our government won't open their eyes. All the pieces of the puzzle are right in front of the current administration yet they can't put health care reform together in a way without breaking the bank and possibly our medical and health insurance industries. So why won't they do the right thing? You see corruption runs deep in our government to achieve a political agenda. And this agenda is all about power, greed and control over the people. However, we the voters still have the power to change any political course through our vote. Never forget that!

Ill-health prevention in its basic elements revolves around education and application of proper nutrition, fitness exercise activity, pain management and alternative/natural health services programming. The problem for our government... There is no money in ill-health prevention reform for them, or the industries special interest groups, or stock/stake holders. The money lies within the pharmaceutical, surgical and bio-tech industries which trump ill-health prevention and natural cures and fitness lifestyle.

So if the argument and support would shift to incorporate ill-health prevention within health reform as a major legislative component then our Government budgets would be reduced simply through less needed government programs.

So you tell me, does our government really care about the 20% American population that can't afford health insurance? Or are they using the minority health hardship cases to make a bad business argument and decision while creating more debt to the people's treasury?

The only thing these guys agree on is power and control in back room deals which are now running rampant throughout our government. There is no accountability, just finger pointing as our economy sinks deeper in despair. This leads me to wonder about our brave men and women in uniform. I've always believed our government would not sacrifice them without just cause and in defense of our national interest. But I have questioned two of the Middle East wars (our foreign policies). And especially question the way our government has handled our domestic front, i.e., outsourced many of our manufacturing jobs, provides tax credits, or receives no tax from US manufacturers overseas; unfair import, duties and excise tax's/trade agreements, unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, increased energy costs, out-of-control health care costs and of course our massive national debt,

In essence, our government has become the greatest “Czar” hedge fund Ponzi scheme manager in the civilized world by replacing debt with more debt spending. China sees this and their concerned about loaning more credit to the US. The sad thing is our governmental policies and handling of tax dollars make "now jailed" Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme look like Childs play. At least with Bernie, you knew he was a crook and could pin the scheme to him. But our government is so massive and illusive you can't pin down anybody for anything. Instead you get spin and irritating rhetoric, never a straight answer. It's actually disgusting and embarrassing; I can hardly watch our politicians without embarrassment. I can't imagine what the civilized world leaders think about our government. Aren’t we supposed to lead the moral compass in the civilized world? What a “smoke and mirrors” role model we play for our children and the rest of the world. It's no wonder so many of our teens are having problems. Look at their role models! How do we fix this mess?

We need to vote good, honest leadership type characters into power with integrity that will represent the people. Like all power shifts, evil is very tough to unseat once it gets its hooks into the venue. You know this is the case, but don't want to get involved. You want to wear blinders because this truth is hard to accept. Our lives are good with many comforts. But as many are finding out, these comforts and freedoms are slowly being taken away.

Where are the brave leaders in America? Well, their smart enough to know the evil in our government right now is rampant and could steal their heart and soul should they dare to help fix this mess that was created by attorneys and politicians. In who's right mind would want to risk their good name to fix our laws/constitution. And in doing the right thing, you take the chance that the media would totally destroy your good name!

That's where the honest, fearless and selfless sacrifice type leaders must step up. If not them, then who? Where are the heroes of yesterday?

Only in numbers can we move mountains. There is power in numbers and numbers represent the people's will. Together we can get one step closer to healing families, influencing legislation; reaching out to all "young and old" and those living in unnecessary and disabling physical and mental pain. Through ill-health preventative health care reform, the people can redirect and make this change by first voting corrupt politians out of office to begin leading with a moral and fit-healthy compass!

But you have to get out and vote to bring the right leadership into government to get the people's work done. And if you’re not willing to do your share by voting and leading our youth as a positive role model, then you have no right to complain about the cost of anything, e.g., socialized programs, higher cost of living increases etc., or for that matter losing your liberties and freedoms. As I like to say, if you’re not part of the solution, your part of the problem.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      You are right on point,

      And after I comment on your post I will be following you. I understand that many clinics and medicare offer health care for various health hardship costs/programs; to include state adoption assistance, poverty walk in clinics, uninsured, SSDI, SSI, VA and many other programs that vary within each state. I also understand and completely agree with your principle, "not be entitled to free health care." And then there are others that need a hand up... Much like unemployment, etc., which is great in my book. We're America, we can and should hand up to citizens in need... Like we help many countries with aid. But flat out stealing from the tax payers without representation, that's a whole other story.

      I think all the pieces of the puzzle for reform with the exception of preventative medicine which I make no bones about is the answer for positive reform which the current health care services puzzle will fit quite nicely... So why would our government be doing what it's doing "a 1Trillion dollar plus health care program?

      As I stated in my hub "A Stern Message to the Health Reform Politicians," back door ponzi schemes, gov't controlled mafia and special interest groups need more tax dollars as hush money to complete the progressive social engineering back to the "Magna Carta" czars & monarchs rule once again. This plays into the one world order underway at the United Nations, the Euro as common currency orginating back to the Free Mason priciple cloak and dagger stuff... It exists, read your history. A government that manages to steal enough of the people's "needed" services will control their souls. Without this 1Trillion dollar health care reform many politians will be charged with treasonous acts against our constitution once this is all said and done.

      There after it gets real ugly in 30-50 years if we allow their takeover of the health care industry... A dictatorial system where the poor are very poor, happy to receive scraps, much like the Roman Empire and the rich senators become kings and queens overwatching the peasants.

      This should not be allowed to occur on our watch. Too many American's died protecting our way of life, we know better and should not dishonor their sacrifice. If everyone agrees like you on these points... please visit my website and connect to "Mirror Athlete Enterprises" FaceBook page Link and chime into the discussion room on point.

      Together we stand strong. I would also appreciate an email address in anyone of my free subscription boxes at my site. An email address in "Dare to Walk," or MAE Free Monthly eNewsletter is a vote for the type of Health Reform we're talking about "preventative, fitness and pain management education health reform for all of those suffering in recluse pain when this need not be the case. Also, please feel free to visit visit the health repository and read my fitness and pain management outreach program concept reform for all citizens.

      If we all vote and wright our opinions in disucssion forums like "Mirror Athlete Enterprises" at FaceBook, etc., the rats will crawl back where they came from... I will make a solid attempt to voice our opinions in various political health care reform forums. Thanks for your input and concern for all of those suffering in unnecessary pain.

      And those of us that love the American culture. Thank you for the opportunity allowing me to reply to your comment and post this message of "together America stands strong for common sense outreach health care reform."

    • sheila b. profile image

      sheila b. 

      8 years ago

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. And what no one seems to know is that there are clinics for the poor. The one near me in NY costs fifteen dollars per visit and that includes all tests, labs, and x-rays. One in my Vermont town serves the whole town, with the rates based on income. You can make an appointment or walk in. When I lived in VA I was told there is a clinic in the hospital. No one without health insurance lacks care - and if they're choosing to go to the hospital for a flu shot or immunization, it's because they don't want to pay a minimal fee. I've heard young mothers complain about 'having to pay' for their baby's shots. Strange - when my children were little, that was a necessary expense, I never thought I should be entitled to free health care.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Amen Brother!

    • woodamarc profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Woodard 

      8 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Don't get me started on pelosi. I may never return to sanity. There are just some things better left in the hands of those she's wronged... Every American citizen and especially all those men and women in uniform. For every treasonous act American's are put in harms way... In the worst way. There is a very special place for the "Evil Doers." What an evil doer can not be home grown? Unfortunatley the buck doesn't stop there. Your going to see a great tsunami in our government and very soon. "We're mad as hell, and we're not going to take it anymore!"

    • commisioner profile image


      8 years ago from florida

      reform will come but we really don't need something new. we must go back to the basics of our constitution. this is a great hub and this should be forwarded to the senate and congress. one thing i found though was the treason point. if any of these crooks finally get treason charges filed against them and are convicted, they will not go to prison. treason is punishable by death via a firing squad.

      pelosi has committed a treasonable act by going to syria and trying to cut a deal with the king. syria is a rogue nation and she had no permission or authority to go there.

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 

      8 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      what we need is reform - not more corruption!

      great post.


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