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All According to PLan

Updated on December 24, 2012

Who's in Charge

Not the President
Not the President | Source

New World Order

Some say that there is a New World Order. This is supposedly a group of elite bankers who are intent on World domination.

It is said that they are carefully planning to control all the wealth in the World and thereby also control the population of the World.

The theorists say that for the elite to succeed, then they must first see to the demise of the dollar, then replace it with their own currency.

They also say that the New World Order would have to orchestrate the World’s population reducing it rapidly and substantially.

If this is the case, then how are they doing?


Unfortunately, it would appear that they are some what on track.

As we all know, the US dollar is on the brink. The elite don’t care, their wealth is all in shares of commodities of real wealth or safely secured in foreign currencies in off shore banks. If the theorists are right, a new currency is already prepared, just awaiting initiation.

There are more wars going on today than at any other time in our planets history. What are these wars really about? Do we really know? All we know is what the media tells us and all these media are owned by just five of these elitists.

The masses are being subdued and manipulated by the media, by the elitists. They are being subdued in times of rage and angered in to states where war is acceptable. The few are manipulating the many.

“Control though, will be the problem”, I hear you say. That too is carefully being taken care of.

Over the last few decades, the elite have taken advantage of circumstances.

FEMA has grown to a force that is no longer under normal Government rule. They are heavily armed and when in control, their superiority is senior to that of either the military or the police, answering to only one man, NOT the President but the head of FEMA, unelected yet in total charge.

Over the past wars, military have slowly been replaced by private security. These are just that: heavily armed civilians answering to just one boss, NOT the President.

Through these methods, the elite have legitimately acquired a latent army that is formidable and heavily armed, at public expense, yet answerable only to them, not the Government.

It would now seem that they would wish to swell the ranks of this army. Capitalizing on the tragic events in Newtown, they are now seeking to install more militia at schools. Purportedly to protect children, which they might but only whilst they hibernate awaiting the call. Mean while, resistance is being withdrawn: in the plan to disarm regular civilians of automatic weapons.


As I said, this is just a theory that some people have.

I do not know if there really is a New World Order waiting in the wings or not.

However, if there is not: then what is going on?

Why will the Government not stop to reel in the debt?

Why do they replace soldiers with higher paid civilians?

Why do FEMA get placed above the police and military?

Why have civilians protecting schools instead of increasing the police force?

Like I said, I don’t know if there is a New World Order but if there is, it looks like things are going exactly according to their plan.


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    • rafken profile image

      rafken 5 years ago from The worlds my oyster

      So it would appear that you agree with me on most points. As for your doubting that there are more wars now than ever in our past: I think we should agree to disagree on that one, thanks for both your comments and dropping by.

    • pitzele profile image

      pitzele 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I have a few comments:

      1) I must take exception to your comment about there currently being more wars in the world than in any other time in history. Throughout history, there have always been wars conducted over land, politics, philosophies, family borders, and so on.

      2) The US dollar and the country itself is most assuredly on the edge of collapse. I will not disagree with that, as we have effectively committed national suicide by moving our economy from a manufacturing based one to a service based one. We must be careful to be on guard from individuals trying to manipulate the emotions of the masses, very similarly to the way that Hitler did before World War II.

      3) History is replete with stories of rulers, leaders, dictators, kings, and "landed" classes who oppressed the people and took/stole their money in the form of taxes and enforced "gifts".

      4) The military is not abrogating any of its duties to non-military militias, which are actually illegal. In fact, not only are they not stepping out of any wars, but they are desparate to increase their ranks, as the US military is spread much too thin across the world.

      I'm not a Ronald Reagan person, but I did hear an excellent quote by him. He said, "The nine scariest words in the English language are - I'm from the government and I'm here to help." Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe) has a theory about people in power. He believes that anyone who actively seeks power should therefore NEVER get into power. He theorizes that those who do not wish power are the people who should have power.

      I do believe that it is impossible, simply by the nature of how a government works, for there to be no corruption in government. And I have heard theorized for years, that there are those few wealthy individuals behind both of the political parties controlling and playing puppeteer.

      Sorry for the long winded response, just a few thoughts.