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April Autism Awareness Month?

Updated on April 29, 2012

I Haven't Heard a Word From the Presidential Candidates

I just heard April was Autism awareness month. As a parent of a child with Autism I was completely unaware. Admittedly, we do not watch a great deal of television but I do watch the nightly news. What I have noticed is that not one but both Presidential Candidates have failed to speak articulately about how they would assist the people effect by Autism as well as their families. Does the president have anything stove piped just waiting to go into production to help this huge population or is he just kicking his heels up at the White House and entertaining?

It is an epidemic. It reminds me of how the Reagan administration reacted to the AIDS epidemic. They just ignored those suffer and dying. I lost someone very close to me during that time who died of AIDS. I was warned not to go near him as I was told if he sweated on me I would get the disease. I didn’t care. I risked it and paid my respects to him before he died.

It is history repeating itself all over again. There is yet another epidemic in this country in which the government plays deaf, dumb and blind. There is an Autism Awareness Month and yet there are activities to actually support the children and families affected but fundraisers for research which may or may not have any relevance to Autism.

And not one word from either Presidential Candidate. I am so disappointed in my leaders. Would it have been so hard to speak about Autism and to meet with children and families who suffer from this plight? Well I guess it is not prevalent in the Africa American communities so it wasn’t an issue for President Obama. I have no idea why Romney hasn’t spoken about the issue. Actually that is not true I do know why they are not talking about it. They are silent because they don’t plan on helping this population. Autism much like those who suffered from AIDS are going to be black balled in American society so the government can keep partying in DC.

Well I don’t know about the rest of you but I am tired of sitting around and waiting for the government to do their jobs. I will be taking this matter into my own hands. As a matter of fact I have taken this matter into my own hands and have been conducting research with my research partner and we have come up with an intervention that has the ability to substantial impact the lives of those affected by Autism and their families. We have completed our trial and are preparing to publish and present. It is so sad we did this study with cookie jar money when everything else is funded we had to break out and do it on our own. We just couldn’t wait for DC to sober up and wake up to the reality that there is hope on the horizon for many of these children who suffer from Autism as well as for their families.

And while I can’t provide you with details until we professionally publish and present. I can say the results have been remarkable. We were surprised at the results. We have also created a intervention to enhance cognition and memory but again I will have to share it with you after we have professionally published.

Friends, countrymen and women, it is clear we are on our own outside the beltway. If we want anything we have to get it for ourselves. There is no one who cares our plights but us. And therefore we have to take care of each other because I can assure DC takes care of each other and cuts us right out of the loop.

We have to find out own answers now. We can no longer follow those who ignore epidemics in our country. It is time to let go of the imperialistic Presidents and find one who works for the people or move to a parliamentary government without a President. Because all the wealth in Washington isn’t doing any of us any good since none of us can touch it.

So for Autism awareness month my research partner and I have come up with an assessment tool and an intervention to measure and enhance cognition in child with Autism. I am just sorry that neither presidential candidate would even talk about Autism let alone present you with any tangible answers.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

      Hi Supermom_in-ny,

      I will be more then happy to share it with you after we are published. I will submit this month as our study has just ended. I have a research partner. The results are very promising. PDD-nos would benefit from our research a tremendous amount since they are not as severely impacted on the spectrum as well.

      We present in the Fall so the cat will be out of the bag so to speak then. It is our hope to be able to provide our interventions to children with Autism within the next year or two. It is not a cure but an intervention to increase cognition.

      It is lovely to meet you and I will be following you when I can as I plan on finishing this work up. We are also trying to open another study that takes another approach to increasing cognition in children with Autism but from an alternative method. I don't know if we will get that study open this year.

      I will be following you as well.

      Lovely to meet you and all my best!


    • supermom_in_ny profile image

      supermom_in_ny 5 years ago from NY

      My youngest of 7 was diagnosed with PDD-Nos on the autism spectrum. I would love to learn more about your research as soon as you publish. Excellent read. Voted up. ;)