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Being Wrong Is Important!

Updated on April 11, 2016
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Moving to the next level of human evolution will require a spiritual awakening, creating a new paradigm of peace and harmony and Ascension.

Seeking Within

Learn to find guidance from your own personal God Source that resides in your heart.
Learn to find guidance from your own personal God Source that resides in your heart. | Source

Opening Doors

Learning that I could be wrong and still be happy allowed me the emotional freedom to open my mind, my paradigm and my spiritual beliefs to new possibilities. It is, quite possibly, the greatest achievement I have made in my life to date because it opened so many doors for me. In this article I will explore the fear of being wrong and why Being Wrong Is Important.

Being wrong allows me to grow, to learn and to develop in every avenue and experience in my life. Rarely do I learn from my successes, but almost always I am given the opportunity to learn from my mistakes.

Whether I am learning on my job, in relationships with other people or with my family the importance of recognizing when I am wrong or my thinking and actions are not in harmony with others allows me to grow. Why, would this be necessary after over fifty years of experience on this planet, you may wonder?

Because just as we learned when we were children, when everything was a new experience for us, learning is a way to keep your mind and heart forever young and growing. When you have reached a point in your life when you know all there is to know and nothing is new and you have no capacity to learn and to grow you will begin to stagnate and grow old. I wish to always remain young at heart and to do this I know that I must remain teachable and be willing to seek others opinions.

  • I must learn the skill of listening honestly to another's opinion without formulating a response before they even finish speaking.

  • I must learn to read information and absorb ideas without prejudice and to keep my mind open to new ideas and fresh theories.

  • I must constantly remind myself to evaluate another's opinion based on the merits of the information and not on the merits of the person.

  • I must remain vigilant when another person is speaking to me to remember to evaluate the information first, before making any rash or instinctive response.

  • I must learn to recognize the ideas and information I agree with before realizing and formulating a response to the information I don't agree with so that I can express myself in a positive manner.

To often our responses have been conditioned by our social parameters to draw attention to ourselves by being clever, sarcastic or witty without taking into consideration another's feelings. If we wish to grow spiritually as individuals and a society we must throw off the yoke of societies conditioning to be more empathetic and learn to embrace each others often diverse thinking.

When we learn to introspect our thinking, we learn that most often it is fear that drives our responses to new information and ideas. This fear is an emotional response used as a defensive mechanism designed by our brains (our minds) to protect our ego.

Because we have been conditioned to recognize that being right or correct is related to how others respond to us and the way we think in a positive manner, we learn through experience that being wrong can have negative consequences and actions. This fear that is ingrained into our way of thinking and responding to any new information is what motivates our conditioned actions and responses.

This is why Being Wrong Is Important because we can then understand what is motivating us to respond in a negative manner and only by recognizing these character defects will we ever have a chance of correcting them.

The fear of being wrong prevents more people from recognizing the truth than any other factor in our society. This fear has been conditioned into our society from birth all the way through our education system into adulthood and prevents more people from opening their minds to new ideas and information than any other reason. Social psychologists refer to this as Cognitive Dissonance, a term coined by the late Leon Festinger in his book When Prophecy Fails.

— Somethgblue

Being Wrong Based On Experience

Often we as a society build the foundation of our belief system or paradigm on information that is distorted, incomplete or outright disinformation. This creates a world view that is not based on reality. Millions of people get the majority of their information, news and ideas directly from their televisions.

I have been telling people for years that everything you see and hear on your television is lies, disinformation and propaganda, even down to Reality TV shows, Sporting Events and News (World & Local). Most people dismiss this idea as absurd however in recent years, the last 5 to 10, many award winning and popular broadcasters, TV personalities and reporters have been saying the exact same thing.

Of course, their stories and whistle blowing are often censored from the TV and can only be found on the internet (YouTube) or radio but there are entire organizations dedicated to getting the word and stories of these whistleblowers out to the public. I've listed a few below with links where applicable, that are dedicated to enlightening the world. Now some need to be taken with a grain of salt but the information is important because they provide alternative views of current stories.


Before Its News

Collective Evolution

Divine Cosmos

Emerald Guardians

Project Censored

Sphere-Being Alliance


Who Needs Light

What is important to understand when visiting alternative websites is to keep an open mind and recognize that although the information maybe hard to fathom or even appreciate there is truth to these ideas and theories. So, by absorbing this information we can think about the ideas at a later date, ponder them and take the parts that resonate with us and incorporate it into our paradigm.

A recent article on the Collective Evolution website entitled World Class Journalist Spills The Beans & Admits Mainstream Media Is Completely Fake describes how many reporters and journalists are beginning to open up to the fact that TV News Stations are paid, bribed and coerced into reporting false information, propaganda and lies to promote war, fear and to control the public's perceptions.

This is important because it shows that even those in the Mainstream Media are tired of living in a world of lies and prefer to tell the truth, despite knowing that 'spilling the beans', may affectively destroy their careers and ability to make money in their chosen profession. Many reporters, journalists, authors, researchers and whistleblowers have lost their lives by revealing the truth to the public so this kind of action is a very serious move on their parts.

When we begin to recognize that even the most basic forms of information such as TV News is lies, it allows us to question the foundation of our entire education system. Of course, one of the first questions anyone of us will ask ourselves, is Why?

Why would our entire education system be built on lies?

Because Knowledge Is Power and those that control the truth can control the publics' perception of the truth. By educating the masses to accept a false paradigm they can prevent the public from recognizing a lie that is so BIG that even contemplating it produces fear.

The FEAR is that our entire lives, ideas, beliefs, spiritual concepts and history are WRONG and that we have been living a lie. This FEAR of being wrong is what allows those in power to continue to manipulate the truth and prevents the public from looking any further than what is right in front of them.

The Truth

Do you accept the idea that TV News shows are lying to you?

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A Foundation Of Lies

The foundation of my research, writing and reading is based on discovering the what, why and how of disinformation.

  • What all encompassing truth could be so important to the future of mankind to compel those in power, to prompt world leaders, politicians, governments and corporations to create, manufacture and build a foundation of lies, an entire false paradigm and indoctrinate it into the publics perception of reality?

  • Why would this information be hidden from mankind? Why would it be so important to prevent the general public from recognizing the truth of our entire existence, our entire history, our origins. Why would the truth of our entire existence be of such paramount importance as to create a world wide false paradigm?

  • How, could this be done? "How could such an ALL encompassing lie be implemented in the first place?" How could those in power, generation after generation, continue to mislead, deceive and lie to the public. Such a conspiracy would involve thousands of people and organizations for hundreds if not thousands of years. How could this be done, how could such a program exist without somebody, somewhere revealing its true nature?

When I began to investigate this, I wondered the same things and questioned the possibilities at every turn. The concept of a world wide conspiracy to create a false indoctrination into the publics perception of reality, seemed far fetched in the extreme.

That is, until I realized how corporations maintain secrecy. They compartmentalize everything, so that no one department has the overall agenda. It is called the pyramidal structure concept. Take for instance our Education System, if it employs thousands or even millions of people, only a handful ever knows the true agenda. Each descending department knows less and less of the overall goal.

Then if you think of each discipline of education in these terms, such as Archeology, Astronomy, History, Geology, Mathematics, Politics and even Religion and the list goes on and on . . . you can begin to recognize how the public which sits at the bottom of each of these totems of knowledge could be deceived, so easily.

Recently I discovered what millions of other people have already recognized, that it is the way in which our minds processes the information of our experiences, that leads us to building a Foundation Of Lies that is the basis of our world view. This process is the basic concept behind the revolutionary ideas described in the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard.

L. Ron Hubbard

What most people don't realize about L. Ron Hubbard is that when he wrote this groundbreaking book, read by millions, he never intended for it to be the basis for an entire religious movement but only to help people understand how the human mind works.

He based his ideas on knowledge gained while working for the United States Naval Intelligence Department and the Roosevelt Administration during and after World War II. One of his assignments, after World War II was to infiltrate and breakup the secret society known as the OPO (Ordo Templi Orientis) founded by Aleister Crowley but lead by of all people Jack Parsons (the founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory) or JPL, which just so happens to also be his initials.

Of course, Jack Parsons was a world famous Rocket Scientist whom died under mysterious circumstances (his body was never identified by any family member) and had nothing to do with jet-propulsion. So one wonders why the laboratory in which he founded would be known as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory when it was based on rocket science?

But I digress, the point I was trying to make is that Hubbard based much of his work, ideas and theories found in the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health on information gleaned from his time in Naval Intelligence and his subsequent involvement in infiltrating the secret society known as the ODO.

His ideas closely resemble information in Aleister Crowley's book The Master Therion that describe how all mental illnesses are based on experiences the memories of the Higher Mind (Self) or Soul experiences through past lives. He describes how our mental illnesses are essentially psychosomatic which would be in direct conflict with the paradigm of modern psychiatry and the AMA (American Medical Association).

Now when you consider that the Health Care industry or Wealth Care industry as I prefer to call it has been the leading money making industry in the United States for the last twenty years you can begin to understand why the Church of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard was so ruthlessly attacked by the American Government and American Health Institutions for so many years.

But how does all this pertain to our very existence and a human history built on a Foundation Built Of Lies?

Well, if you consider, that even the idea of reincarnation has been excluded from such works as the Bible, scoffed at by the Mainstream Media and Science as New Age mumbo-jumbo and woo-woo, then you will begin to recognize the bigger picture and it will help you to understand why Being Wrong Is Important!

Bigger picture

Learning to open my mind to a new way of life helped me to achieve sobriety. Incorporating that idea into my paradigm helped me to recognize the truth.
Learning to open my mind to a new way of life helped me to achieve sobriety. Incorporating that idea into my paradigm helped me to recognize the truth. | Source

The Bigger Picture

The bigger picture is what is at stake here and is the what, why and how behind the false paradigm that has been indoctrinated into our education for untold generations.

The bigger picture that has been so thoroughly disguised by a false paradigm of science, religion and history is that the human race is infinitely older than is being recognized in our education system.

That our origins didn't begin on this planet or even in this solar system and that we as individuals posses far more power then we are given credit for.

That every aspect of our lives are effectively being controlled through ignorance, subtle mind control techniques, electronics, entertainment and disinformation.

That our history on this planet is being disguised under the false pretense of provable science and theory based on concepts and ideas that are antiquated at best and outright contrived lies at worst.

This leads me to the point of the entire article, that recognizing that we are wrong about so many ideas, is vastly more important than being right about any of it.

The reason I say this, is because if we can accept our ignorance, we can develop new ideas that will lead us to the truth. If we can recognize the deception, we can then be open to learn the what, why and how of our deception.

This Paradigm of Ignorance has enslaved the human race for untold generations and is preventing us from taking the next step in human evolution.

Paradigm of Enslavement

It is clear to this writer that we have been spoon fed a host of ideas, concepts and theories to produce a paradigm of ignorance to prevent us as a species from recognizing a fundamental truth about ourselves that will ultimately set us all free from this paradigm of enslavement.

Make no mistake our self-imposed ignorance and fear of being wrong is the entire idea and basis for how our enslavement to a false paradigm is so easily achieved and maintained.

This, for lack of a better term, Paradigm Of Enslavement (POE), is based on preventing the individual from recognizing their own empowerment and inherent ability to "heal thyself". The POE seeks to establish a need in the individual to look for answers and become dependent on help from outside sources, such as the Wealth Care Industry, Religion (God), Science and the Government.

When one learns to seek the answers from within, the fear of being wrong diminishes, eventually becoming transparent and easily recognizable and finally non-existent.

What this will lead you too, is realizing that your ego, which most humans identify as their true selves, is only an accumulation of their most recent life experiences and not their true identity. This ego is what is preventing you from looking for answers from within based on the fear that knowing the truth will alter your current paradigm to such a degree that your current ego will cease to exist.

This is the inherent fear that the Paradigm of Enslavement operates on because most people fear change even if deep down they know in their heart it will be better for them in the long run. Fear holds a certain power over the human psyche and because we have been conditioned to seek help outside ourselves for so long, it can be very difficult to over come.

The Hero's Journey

Look at The Hero's Journey, whether it be movies, books or in popular myths, legends and story telling. Our Hero is always wrong about the truth but soon embarks on a quest or journey to discover the truth.

From movies such as Avatar, the Life Of Pi or even Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, our hero thinks he understand the true nature of his reality only to discover upon his journey that there is always more to the story beneath the veil of reality.

The Hero's Journey, made popular by Joseph Campbell in the book The Hero With A Thousand Faces is a direct metaphor for the human journey. We are only in the beginning of our awakening as a species and perhaps this paradigm of ignorance and enslavement in which we find ourselves mired in is merely part of the cycle of evolution necessary to reach a spiritual bottom as a species.

After all to truly recognize the light, being surrounded by darkness is perhaps the best way to achieve it. Just as our hero must overcome his own fears and face the truth so too does the human race need to recognize our own self imposed limitations and seek to overcome the fear of recognizing our true selves.

The first step in our journey back to the light has to be accepting our own role in denying the truth. Only by casting aside this inherent fear of being wrong and recognizing that the idea of Being Wrong Is Important can we begin our own journey as a species.

Practicing Being Wrong Is Important

When I first came to the conclusion that I could be wrong and still be happy, it was such a huge relief that I actually smiled at my own ignorance. This happened back in 2005, while I was still developing my spiritual awakening.

This idea propelled my thinking into recognizing that an educational awakening was necessary for my own spiritual health. I recognized that perhaps the foundation of my own experiences were based on ideas that were also wrong.

So I began a quest to re-educate my self, or as the new wave band The Police, so aptly put it Rehumanize Yourself.

I began to practice the idea that Being Wrong Is Important and that accepting this idea would be the foundation to my learning and growing. This is what ultimately helped me to seek the answers to all my questions from within. Because ultimately the truth resides in your heart, what you feel is correct, recognizing what information resonates in your soul is the key to owning your own truth.

I have found that most often my ego interferes with my innate ability to recognize the truth and only after careful reflection, sometimes spanning many days, weeks and even months, do I arrive at the truth. Reflection, introspection and meditation often are the catalysts for understanding what I want and what I need are not always in harmony with what is important.

Soon after I went to college for the first time in my life and graduated with honors but my education didn't stop there as I recognized that true research and enlightenment would involve opening my mind to a variety of educational disciplines. My quest for the truth is a never ending story but as long as I continue to hold to my heart the idea that Being Wrong Is Important, this is neither the beginning nor the end of my journey.

© 2015 somethgblue


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